Sebastián Dávalos, the son of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, testified in court for nearly four hours in the corruption scandal involving his wife Natalia Compagnon and her company Caval.

Dávalos, who arrived at about 10am on 13 April to testify alongside his attorney Álvaro Morales, was met by protestors yelling "shameless", La Tercera reported. The former director of Bachelet's charity was originally due to testify on 7 April but his meeting was postponed due to scheduling issues.

Bachelet's son and daughter-in-law are being investigated after Caval purchased land in the south of Chile, Machalí, with a $10m (£6.7m) loan Dávalos secured from Banco de Chile. The loan was initially denied but reports allege Dávalos met with Chilean entrepreneur Andrónico Luksic to negotiate a deal.

Caval later sold the land at a higher price following development plan changes, netting the company about $5m in profit.

President 'did not know' about son's loan and land purchase

The corruption scandal has rocked La Moneda and Bachelet's return to the Chilean presidency. Last week, the president was forced to address rumours that she was stepping down from office. In an interview with 24Horas, Bachelet reiterated that she did not know about Caval's loan and land purchase.

"I did not know that the company Caval, which my daughter-in-law co-owns with another person, was negotiating a deal of this nature," Bachelet told 24Horas.

Meanwhile, the opposition Unión Demócrata Independiente (UDI) remanded Bachelet answer questions regarding the growing scandal. Felipe Ward said: "We have waited far more than the 20 days required for a response. The silence has been absolute. That is why we are insisting on the issue and we have called on President Bachelet to take a few minutes and respond questions from the public."

According to 24Horas, the questionnaire consist of seven questions the public has about the president's involvement in the scandal, including her son's resignation from her presidential charity.