We take a look at 15 of the most unusual sights captured by Google's Street View cameras. Click on each image to see it for yourself in Google Street View.

The search giant introduced the service in 2007 and areas now available to the virtual tourist include the Vatican City, Stonehenge and the Great Barrier Reef.

pigeon heads
A flock of human pigeons troll a Google Street View camera in western Tokyo, Japan. Click on each image to see the scene on Google Street View for yourself.Google
shcool sign
It's back to shcool for these road sign painters in New YorkGoogle
boy in bin
This boy in a bin was photographed by a Street Vew camera in Lausanne, SwitzerlandGoogle
A seagull photobombs a Google Street View camera, with what looks like the remains of someone's fish and chips in its beakGoogle
three legged man
Three legs are better than two for this member of the Finnish militaryGoogle
man cat head
Just a man taking his cat for a walk on his head in New YorkGoogle
scary mexico
These scary characters can be seen on a rural road in MexicoGoogle
stig scotland
The Stig can be seen in several places on Google Street View. Here he is standing by the side of a road in Scotland...Google
stig Lego
...and here's the Stig road-testing a go-kart at Legoland WindsorGoogle
pink poodle
A pink poodle draws admiring stares in Milan, ItalyGoogle
man walk pole
This man delivering water bottles can be seen in Sao Paulo, BrazilGoogle
wheres wally
Where's Wally? There's Wally! On Putney High Street, south west LondonGoogle
man beer truck
A man with a bottle of beer lies low in a truck in Winnipeg, CanadaGoogle
Two youths moon a Street View vehicle on a residential street in Dublin, IrelandGoogle
horse boy
A schoolgirl hangs out with a horse-headed boy in Aberdeen, Scotland:Google