Yunnan earthquake collapsed buildings
Collapsed houses after a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the Longtoushan township, Ludian county, Yunnan province, in southwestern China on Sunday. Xinhua News Agency reports that at least 150 people in a remote mountainous area of Yunnan province have been killed, and the earthquake caused some buildings, including a school, to collapse.Reuters/China Daily
Yunnan Earthquake Search for survivors
People look for survivors buried under debris after the earthquake on Sunday. Xinhua News Agency reported that at least 150 people were killed, and buildings, including a school, collapsed.Reuters/China Daily
Child injured in Yunnan earthquake
An injured child is carried by paramilitary policemen on a stretcher. Western media estimates that 150 people were killed by the earthquake.Reuters
Yunnan Earthquake damaged building
A building damaged by the earthquake which hit Ludian county, Yunnan province, China.Reuters
Police carry injured child
Paramilitary policemen carry an injured child on a stretcher as they carry out rescue operations after an earthquake hit Longtoushan township of Ludian county, Yunnan province.Reuters