Aboard a packed passenger jet in mid-flight somewhere over Asia, a security guard disables a hijacker by slipping a scarf over his head and pulling him to the ground.

However, the passengers are trainee bodyguards, the hijacker is an instructor, and the plane is a mock-up used for training flight attendants.

Inspired by the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, China's Tianjiao bodyguard school has introduced a special course on flight safety. Trainees are taught emergency evacuation procedures and close-quarter combat skills so that they can handle situations such as natural disasters and plane hijackings.

Tianjiao bodyguard school trainees watch their instructor use a scarf to disable a 'hijacker' during a a special flight safety training course inside a scale model of a passenger jetReuters
An instructor demonstrates close-quarter combat skills on a scale model of a passenger jetReuters
Trainees of the Tianjiao bodyguard school practise emergency evacuation from a scale model of a passenger jet at a flight attendant training centre on the outskirts of BeijingReuters

The Tianjiao bodyguard school was set up by former soldier Chen Yongqing. He employs former Israeli and Russian military men to put recruits through rigorous training and punishing endurance tests.

Chen says that when he started the bodyguard school, most of his clients were celebrities. Now, he says: "Most of our clients are rich entrepreneurs. It's all related to their business because bodyguards are a status symbol."

mud man
A trainee bodyguard is covered in mud after completing a gruelling courseReuters
mud tryes
Trainee bodyguards covered in mud lift tyres during a night training sessionReuters
Mud-soaked students huddle together for warmth as they sleep during a break in trainingReuters
Students carry a female trainee who collapsed during trainingReuters
walk on water
A bodyguard hopeful steps on the stomachs of other trainees during a training session on a beach in Sanya, Hainan provinceReuters
Students holding replica semi-automatic rifles rehearse protecting their employers at a firing range outside BeijingReuters
Trainees practise helping their employer escape into a car while under fireReuters
A trainee reacts as he is drenched with waterReuters
woman floor
A trainee lies on the ground after she was blasted with waterReuters
bottle head
A recruit gets a bottle smashed over her head during a training session for China's first female bodyguardsReuters