Final results of the referendum in Crimea show that 96.8% of voters support leaving Ukraine to join Russia. Mikhail Malyshev, head of the referendum election commission, said that the commission has not registered a single complaint about the vote.

The referendum was widely condemned by Western leaders who are meeting to discuss economic sanctions to punish Russia. Ukraine's new government in Kiev called the referendum a "circus" directed at gunpoint by Moscow.

Electoral officials wait to collect the vote of World War 2 veteran Grinevich Oleksander in Bachchisaray, a mostly Russian area of CrimeaGetty
flag boy
A boy stands in front of the Crimean parliament building in Simferopol on the eve of the referendumReuters
polling flag
Election commission officials prepare polling booths in the colours of the Russian flag at a polling station in SimferopolGetty
polling shadows
People vote inside a polling station in PerevevalneGetty
A woman with a costumed dog waits to vote at a polling station in SevastopolReuters
A Ukrainian police officer stands on duty at the entrance to a polling station in SimferopolReuters
polling boxes
An official stands next to clear boxes containing completed voting forms at a polling station in BakhchisarayReuters
ballot papers
Completed ballot papers are clearly seen inside a polling station in Simferopol,Getty
crimea ref
Electoral officials give directions to a voter at a polling station in SimferopolGetty
jacket ukraine
A man wearing a 'Ukraine' jacket enters a polling booth in SevastopolReuters
jacket russia
A man wearing a 'Russia' jacket attends a rally in Lenin Square, SimferopolGetty
russian protest
Pro-Russian demonstrators scuffle with police during a rally in Donetsk. Ukraine accused "Kremlin agents" of fomenting violence in Russian-speaking citiesReuters
russian bat
Demonstrators take part in a pro-Russian rally in OdessaReuters
crimea pm
Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov stands in front of Russian flags on a stage on Lenin Square in Simferopol as preliminary results of the referendum are announcedReuters
russia celebrate
People wrapped in Russian flags watch as celebratory fireworks explode after the preliminary results of the referendum are announced on Lenin Square in SimferopolReuters
A Russian army MI-35 military helicopter patrols the area as Ukrainian servicemen guard a checkpoint near the village of Strelkovo in the Kherson region, adjacent to CrimeaReuters