Banking malware Dridex is back from the dead with a new campaign Security researchers note that the new Dridex campaign has evolved to better target more victims.
21 hours ago
European Union The pact will only come into force in July after it has been voted in by EU member states.
22 hours ago
Cyber security The number of users hit by crypto-ransomware has jumped by more than five times in the past year.
24 hours ago
Connecting with strangers on LinkedIn may leave UK firms vulnerable to cyberattacks Intel Security research indicates that hackers vigilantly track 'senior level professionals' on social media sites.
45 hours ago
Hackers hit University of Cambridge leaking 1,500 students and staff email addresses and passwords It is unclear how hackers accessed the university's systems and why the passwords leaked are in cleartext.
45 hours ago
FBI’s proposal to keep biometric database private opposed by EFF and other privacy activists The ruling said the warrant was not needed as IP addresses are voluntarily given up by users.
47 hours ago
Godless Android malware affects Android Lollipop devices Devices in India, Indonesia and Thailand are seen as at highest risk of malware.
2 days ago
ISIS hackers release new random kill list with 4000 names from database previously available online Questions raised over Daesh's Caliphate Cyber Army 'kill list'.
2 days ago
Twitter Independent researchers claim to have found a huge Twitter botnet that sells and rents followers for a price.
2 days ago
New Cerber ransomware strain morphs every 15 seconds to avoid detection IBTimes UK asks the cybersecurity community what a Brexit would have in store for them.
Air India It is suspected the hackers had inside knowledge of the loyalty scheme, law enforcement claim.
2 days ago
Celal Göger's invisible phone tech Tech turns smartphone display white and can only be viewed through special smart glasses.
2 days ago
Anonymous launches US political party as an 'alternative to American governing system' In March last year, Anonymous members met and elected its Board of Directors to lead their movement.
2 days ago
US voter database leak exposed The compromised data is roughly a year old and the client claims to have been hacked.
2 days ago
Brexit: The London Stock Exchange’s $20bn merger with Deutsche Boerse now at risk

Brexit: London Stock Exchange's $20bn merger with Deutsche Boerse now at risk

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