Egypt is staggering under the latest unrest as the interim administration struggles to resolve the crisis.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which brought down the earlier regime under Hosni Mubarak, is at the receiving end this time around.

The protests started on the first anniversary of Mohamed Morsi's leadership and soon snowballed into a movement to remove the Islamist president.

Anti-Morsi rage which the Brotherhood had earned over a year through its Islamist-led policies, gave momentum to the rallies. Liberal and other opposition elements in the Arab world's most populous nation demonstrated their strength by hitting the streets.

Sensing the mood of the campaigners against Morsi, the army issued him an ultimatum.

Defying the calls, Morsi tried to ride the crisis through negotiations, but the military deposed him. The US, which gives military aid to Egypt, and the UN stopped short of calling the ouster a "coup" by the army.

Morsi's overthrow sparked clashes between the supporters and opponents of Morsi resulting in the loss of several lives.

Morsi's whereabouts are still unclear while he and scores of other Brotherhood leaders remain in custody.

The Egyptian army installed top judge Adli Mansour as the interim leader even as the country's leaders failed to arrive at a consensus over the appointment of a prime minister.

The protests took a new turn after the Egyptian army opened fire at Brotherhood supporters during early morning prayers in Cairo.

The Brotherhood accused the army of carrying out a "massacre" while the military said they responded to armed provocation of the protesters.

As the turmoil continues, Mansour has issued a decree stipulating presidential polls within six months of the transitional period and also appointed a committee to make changes to the Islamist-drafted Egyptian constitution.

A member of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of deposed Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi displays spent ammunition after clashes with the army in front of Republican Guards headquarters in Nasr City, in the suburb of CairoReuters
A supporter of Mohamed Morsi reads the Koran at the Rabaa Adawiya square where Morsi's supporters are camping in CairoReuters
Supporters of Mohamed Morsi sleep at the Rabaa Adawiya square where they are camping in CairoReuters
Supporters of Mohamed Morsi perform dawn prayers at the Rabaa Adawiya square in CairoReuters
A supporter of Mohamed Morsi attends night prayers during a protest outside the Rabaa Adawiya mosqueReuters
A man stands beside bodies of victims of a shooting incident, which took place near the Republican Guards barracks, lie in a room in a hospital near the Rabaa Adawiya square in Nasr City, in the suburb of CairoReuters
Women who support Mohamed Morsi hold his posters as they rally at the Rabaa Adawia squareReuters
Women supporting Mohamed Morsi sit on the ground as they gesture to soldiers blocking a road to the Republican Guards headquarters in CairoReuters
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of Mohamed Morsi clash with anti-Mursi protesters in AlexandriaReuters
A protester who is against Mohamed Morsi holds a poster of President Barack Obama sporting a beard during a protest at Tahrir square in CairoReuters
Fireworks explode over protesters against Mohamed Morsi holding Egypt flags at Tahrir squareReuters
Egyptian military jets fly in formation over the Republican Guards headquarters, where Morsi supporters camp outside the building in CairoReuters
Mourners cry during the funeral of Abedrahman Sabir, a Morsi supporter, who was killed in recent clashes in CairoReuters
A general view is seen as protesters who are against Mohamed Morsi hold Egypt flags and shout slogans at Tahrir squareReuters
Policemen celebrate with protesters who are against Mohamed Morsi in Tahrir SquareReuters
A soldier holds his weapon as he stands on an armoured personnel carrier positioned outside the state-run television station in CairoReuters
A member of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of Mohamed Morsi gestures during clashes with anti-Mursi protesters near Maspero, Egypt's state TV and radio station, in CairoReuters
Protesters against Mohamed Morsi demonstrate near pro-Mursi supportersReuters
A young protester is pictured with his mouth bound in front of a poster of Mursi outside the Republican Guards barracks where Mursi is heldReuters