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Eurogamer queueIBTimes UK
F1 car to promote F1 2012IBTimes UK
Gran Turismo thing
A special pod for GT5IBTimes UK
Wii U
The Wii U signIBTimes UK
Mario and Luigi
Mario and LuigiIBTimes UK
Otacon and Sniper Wolf cosplayIBTimesUK
Space marine
Alien marine at EurogamerIBTimesUK
Retro games
The retro area at EurogamerIBTimes UK
Even this little guy made an appearance, looking, actually, quite big.IBTimes UK
Competition booth
The competition booth at EurogamerIBTimes UK
Sony booth EG
The Sony area at EurogamerIBTimesUK
just Dance
Just Dance vanIBTimesUK
Indie booth
The Indie Booth at EurogamerIBTimes UK
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider at EGIBTimes UK
Zombie at EurogamerIBTimes UK
Eurogamer sign
Sign for Eurogamer 2013IBTimesUK

Games and speeches are not the only things Eurogamer is for. Here are some pics of the other side of Britain's biggest games expo.