The deadly winter is sweeping the European continent for the past several weeks with many countries in the region recording temperatures much lower than the winter averages.

In most of the countries, the poor and the homeless are the badly affected and hundreds of poor people have lost their lives in the cold spell. Public shelter homes are overcrowded in many parts of Europe.

Ukraine is one of the worst hit countries by the cold spell where nearly 135 people are reportedly lost their lives. There are estimated to be more than 14,000 homeless people in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Poland, Russia, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy are also experiencing extreme cold conditions and many deaths are reported from these countries.

Many regions in these countries are isolated with roads being cut off due to the heavy snow fall.

Have a look at how the poor and homeless are braving the brutal winter all across Europe:

People walk past a homeless man lying on a footpath in Paris as winter weather hits Europe.Reuters
A woman begs for money as people pass by, with the air temperature at about minus 13 degrees Celsius (8.6 degrees Fahrenheit), in Kiev February 6, 2012.Reuters
The hands of a homeless man are seen as he rests inside an overcrowded shelter set up by the city hall in Bucharest.Reuters
Homeless people brave low temperatures as they sleep under the Libensky bridge in Prague Holesovice district.Reuters
A man who suffered a frostbite lies in a hospital, with the air temperature at about minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit) outside, in Kiev.Reuters
A man eats soup during a charity event held by social movements and the Russian Orthodox church to help homeless people in Stavropol.Reuters
Tents for homeless people are seen in an open air street basketball court in Paris.Reuters
A homeless man seen at the shelter house.Reuters
A homeless woman poses with her dog as she waits to receive food during daily food distribution from NGO Angeles Malaguenos de la noche in Malaga.Reuters
A shelter home.Reuters