Anti-fracking campaigners, who have been living at a protest camp set up close to the entrance of the IGas exploratory gas drilling site at Barton Moss, near Manchester, since November are awaiting a court decision as to whether they are to be evicted.

Anti-fracking protesters lie in the road chained to a mock coffin close to the Barton Moss exploration plant outside ManchesterGetty
coffin chained
The protests carry a stark messageReuters
frack off
Police and protesters at the gates of the Barton Moss exploration facilityGetty
A police officer restrains a protester as lorries make their way into the Barton Moss siteGetty
mother and child
Unaware of tensions, a boy blows bubbles on his mother's knee next to a police cordonReuters
Barton Moss
The IGas Energy exploratory gas drilling site at Barton MossReuters
The protest camp waits for a court eviction decisionReuters
Protest sign takes aim at the prime minister, a key advocate of shale gasReuters
Anti-fracking campaigners relax in their a tentGetty
Anti-fracking campaigners and druids Lardon and Guinevere sit outside their caravan near the IGas siteGetty
sack mask
An anti-fracking campaigner in a hessian maskGetty