More than 20 people are believed to have been killed and 100 injured in a massive blast in the early hours of Thursday in the suburbs of Yangon (Rangoon), largest city and former capital of Myanmar (Burma).

Though unconfirmed reports have claimed that more than 50 people were killed in the blast that occurred around 2 a.m. local time, officials insist that the toll is much less. Initially, a total of 12 men and five women were confirmed dead by police. Three members of the fire rescue service were also killed.

The death toll is likely to go up, the report has added.

According to witnesses, a fire which broke out at a chemical storage warehouse led to a huge explosion and several smaller ones.

"There are many casualties. We are not in a position to give you further information. We are still looking into it," a police officer said.

Latest visuals from the blast scene are below:

Firemen attempt to put out a fire in YangonReuters
Twenty people are believed to have died in the chemical warehouse explosion outside YangonReuters
Firefighters carry a body at the scene of an explosion in YangonReuters
An injured person sits inside an ambulance after an explosion in YangonReuetrs
A fireman gestures to his colleagues at the scene of the Yangon blastsReuters
Firemen attempt to contain the fireReuters
A photographer braves the heat and flames as fire spreads through the areaReuetrs