These photos show weapons of war and military helmets that have been swallowed up and engulfed in trees in a Russian forest.

grenade in tree

The weapons in this forest-museum include rifles, grenades, shells and a sapper's shovel.

The style of the helmets suggest they belonged to Red Army soldiers during World War II. They probably fell onto young saplings during a battle, and the trees subsequently grew through bullet holes in the helmets.

machine gun
helmet tree

It is thought that most of these photos were taken in a forested area known as Nevsky Pyatachok, which saw heavy fighting during the Siege of Leningrad (1941-43).

WWII was the deadliest military conflict in history, and Soviet Union suffered the heaviest losses. Estimates of Russian military deaths range from eight million to 14 million.

shell tree
helmet in tree
helmet in tree
shell tree
fins in tree
hletmet rusty
bomb in tree
sappers shovel