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Newspaper headline
Local headlinesThe Argus
Toilet Curse Strikes Again
The Croydon Advertiser seeks out a bog storyThe Croydon Advertiser
Kitten That Looks Like Hitler - Pictures
Cambridge Evening News finds the evil catCambridge Evening News
Pizza Warning for Pond Lovers
The Croydon Advertiser again warns pizza lovers to not to eat the dough snack by the pondsThe Croydon Advertiser
Dead Man Found in Graveyard
Welwyn & Hatfield Times reports the obviousWelwyn & Hatfield Times
Mum Finds Gecko In Fridge
The North Devon Journal gets an exclusive with the lizard finding motherThe North Devon Journal
I've Been Posting My Letters in the Dog Poo Box for Two Years
The Sport reveal why a pensioner's post didn't get to its destinationThe Sport
Dealer Sold Tea to Cops
The South London Press reports on how a dealer sold the popular tea drink to policeThe South London Press
Northend rear-end Southisde
Northend's local get imaginative with a football headlineCPP
Bed Delivered - Up Ladder
Whitby Gazette report headline news on how furniture arrives into a houseWhitby Gazette

The launch of the new book: "Whitstable Mum In Custard Shortage: ...And Other World Exclusives From Britain's Finest Local Newspapers" which celebrates Britain's wackiest headlines is launched today. Here's a top ten of what we think are the funniest.