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InvisibleSHIELD by Zagg
InvisibleSHIELD provides screen and full body protection including all four sides of your phoneZagg
ArmorSuit MilitaryShield
ArmorSuit MilitaryShieldArmorsuit
Mpero Privacy Screen Protector
This is a very handy and inexpensive screen protector available on Amazon at a mere £3 ($5).Amazon
Official Nexus 4 Bumper from Google
The official bumper case from Google is available in Black only at £12Google
Flex Vehicle Charger and Car Mount with Additional USB Port
Flex Vehicle charger and car mount provides a handy way of holding your Nexus phone in place with 360 degree rotationFacebook
Bikemate Slim Case 3
The universal handlebar mount comes with a tight and solid foamex bag that is designed to keep your Nexus 4 free from dust, moisture, scratches and smudgesBikemate
PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack
PowerGen Mobile Juice Pack provides an effective way of emergency charging with a powerful 5200mAh high capacity battery pack, while you are on the movePowerGen
Energiser Single Position Inductive Charger
Energiser Single Position Inductive ChargerEnergiser

Nexus 4 smartphone is finally out with its dwindling stocks on Google Play Store notwithstanding. The Play Store has been struggling to keep up with the demand for the elusive smartphone, as it has been constantly running out of stock.

The launch of any great smartphone is usually followed up with a host of accessories specifically made for that device. Nexus 4 users are quite lucky on that count, as a multitude of cool accessories are more freely available than the device itself.

IBTimes UK brings you a list of accessories available for the Nexus smartphone and saves you the hassle of searching for good accessories all over the grey market.

Here are some of the add-on gadgets available for the Nexus 4, courtesy of The Android Soul.

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