Peoples Climate March London poster
The worldwide People's Climate Marches were organised by the activist website AvaazPeople's Climate March London
Preparing for Peoples Climate March
Preparing for the People's Climate MarchWill Bibby, Twitter: ‏@Will_Bibby
Peoples Climate March in Sweden
Only five people turned up for the Climate Change march in Skene, SwedenMark Brimstedt, Twitter: ‏@MarkBrimstedt
Climate Change March, Auckland
Marchers in Auckland, New ZealandLizR, Twitter: ‏@Maya_LizR
Peoples Climate March, Brussels
Brussels, Belgium, was overwhelmed by marchers, despite heavy rainLucas Demuelenaere, Twitter: ‏@ldemuele
Peoples Climate March, Brussels, begins
The Brussels march on the moveFriends of the Earth, Twitter: ‏@foeeurope
Peoples Climate March, London, marcher
Marchers also hit London's streetsPauline Rutter, Twitter: ‏@PaulineRutter
Peoples Climate March, Manchester
Manchester, UK, also saw its own march, which doubled as an anti-fracking protestAndy Hunt, Twitter: ‏@solar_bud
Peoples Climate March, Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne, Australia, also saw a big rallyGreen2StayEco.Com, Twitter: ‏@Green2StayEco
The Peoples Climate, Brazil
The People's Climate March also reached BrazilColin Tom, Twitter: ‏@ReporterPhoenix
Peoples Climate March, Melbourne, hearts
Many marchers wore or carried green heartsColin Tom, Twitter: ‏@ReporterPhoenix
Peoples Climate March, London, wide shot
Tens of thousands of marchers in London held a minute's silence during the rallyDrew Kipkoech Sudi, ‏@Kipkoech_the4th
Peoples Climate March, Brussels, apology sign
Climate change protestors in Brussels apologised for putting anyone outSave The Whales, Twitter: ‏@whales_save
Peoples Climate March Zombies
Of course, not everyone agreed with the aims of the People's Climate MarchLeigh Haugen, Twitter: ‏@leighhaugen