A budget debate in the Ukrainian Parliament became heated as politicians traded punches.MPs representing opposition parties interrupted the debate on the country's budget for 2014. Once things had calmed down, the 2014 state budget was approved despite the attempts to block proceedings.

The fight in parliament comes just days after Ukraine's opposition leader Yury Lutsenko was injured in clashes with police in Kiev, after anti-government protests again erupted into violence. Lutsenko, a former interior minister, was photographed lying unconscious on the ground with a bleeding head, after reportedly being beaten by a riot officer when he tried to intervene in a confrontation between police and protesters.

With the centre of Kiev still blocked by a large tent camp and gigantic barricades, as demonstrators protest against the government's decision to withdraw from talks with the EU over a free trade pact, we look at recent unrest in Kiev in pictures.

ukraine fight close up
Injured politicians argue after clashes in the Parliament in Kiev during debates on the country's budgetReuters
ukraine fight
Ukrainian politicians trade blows during a debate on the country's budget for 2014. Ukraine's parliament approved a 2014 state budget despite attempts by the opposition to block proceedingsReuters
fight treatment
A Member of Parliament from the pro-presidential Party of the Regions receives treatment after the fight in ParliamentReuters
square clash helmet
Opposition activists clash with riot police during against a court decision regarding activists accused of terrorismReuters
square injured politician
Former Ukrainian Interior and opposition leader Minister Yuriy Lutsenko receives medical help after clashes with riot police near a court in Kiev during a protest against a court decision regarding activists accused of terrorismReuters
square gas
Opposition activists attack riot police during the protest against a court decision regarding activists accused of terrorismReuters
chernobyl riot police
A police officer looks out from behind his riot shield as he and his colleagues block Chernobyl emergency workers, veterans of the Soviet war in Afghanistan and people with disabilities as they protest against the draft state budget for 2014, which they say contains reduced social assistance paymentsReuters
chernobyl woman
A woman remonstrates with riot police during a protest against the draft state budget near the Ukrainian parliament building in KievReuters
protest camp man
A pro-European integration supporter rests near his tent on Independence SquareReuters
ukraine camp cooking
A pro-European integration supporter cooks on an open fire during a rally around barricades on Independence Square in KievReuters
ukraine camp snow
Pro-EU demonstrators guard a barricade near Independence Square during snowfallReuters
square elderly
Pro-European integration protesters attend a rally in Independence square in KievReuters
parliament grain
Opposition MPs throw buckwheat at newly elected member Viktor Pylypyshyn as he takes the oath in the Parliament in Kiev. He was accused of bribing elderly voters by giving them buckwheat and cooking oil before electionsReuters