Snow has covered large areas of the Middle East, from Israel to Lebanon and Syria, causing chaos across the region.

Storm Alexa is the worst storm to have hit Jerusalem for 60 years, according to Meteorologists. And Cairo turned white as Egypt received snow for the first time in over a century.

Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv was closed for a short period while snow blocked highways connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Schools were closed and public transport was cancelled as thousands of homes went without power.

Citizens of the West Bank awoke to power cuts as Gaza residents dealt with heavy flooding.

The snowstorm, which was described by Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem, as a "tsunami", comes after temperature highs and sunshine in November.

Free Syrian Army fighters play with snow in Raqqa, eastern SyriaReuters/Nour Fourat
A man walks past debris from damaged buildings covered with snow in the besieged area in Homs, SyriaReuters/Yazan Homsy
Syrian refugees play with snow during a winter storm in Zahle town, in the Bekaa Valley, LebanonReuters/Mohamed Azakir
Men play a bat and ball game after a snowstorm at a park in JerusalemReuters/Amir Cohen
An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man rides his bicycle on a snow-covered road in winter in JerusalemReuters/Amir Cohen
Flamingos stand in their enclosure during snowfall in winter in Jerusalem's Biblical ZooReuters/Baz Ratner
Ultra-Orthodox Jews visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City during a snowstormReuters/Darren Whiteside
The snow capped Dome of the Rock in the compound known to Muslims as Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount, in Jerusalem's Old City, is seen from the Mount of OlivesReuters/Darren Whiteside
The snowfall captured in St. Catherine, Sinai, Egypt@RanyaKhalifa/Twitter
Rare snowfall shocked the citizens of New Cairo@i3atef/Twitter