Labour MP Tony Benn, 26 July 1957
A portrait of Anthony Wedgwood Benn, Labour MP for Bristol South East, dated 26 July 1957. He won the seat in a by-election in 1950, becoming the youngest Member of ParliamentGetty
1961: Anthony Wedgwood Benn leaves the House of Commons with his wife Caroline, after winning a by-election in Bristol South East. However, he was disqualified from taking the seat as he had become a peer upon the death of his fatherGetty
1963 title
1 August 1963: Anthony Wedgwood Benn and his wife Caroline pose outside the Houses of Parliament with the Instrument of Disclaimer document which enabled him to give up his Viscount Stansgate title and stand for re-electionGetty
1964 postmaster
19 October 1964: Tony Benn gives a thumbs-up at 10 Downing Street, where Prime Minister Harold Wilson appointed him Postmaster GeneralGetty
1967 attlee
8 October 1965: Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Post Master General Anthony Wedgwood Benn help previous Labour premier Clement Attlee from his chair at the opening of the new Post Office Tower in LondonGetty
1967 concorde
11th December 1967: Tony Benn, Britain's Minister of Technology, and Jean Chamant, French Minister of Transport, cut the tape at Concorde's official roll out ceremony at Toulouse.Getty
1980 Michael Foot
2 October 1980: Tony Benn sits on the rostrum with party leader Michael Foot at the Labour conference in BlackpoolGetty
1981 cnd
24 October 1981: Labour politician Tony Benn addresses the massed marchers of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in Hyde Park, LondonAP
1984 miners strike
27 June 1984: Mick McGahey and Arthur Scargill of the National Union of Mineworkers march in London with Labour politician Tony Benn during the miners' strikeAP
2002 war
31 October 2002: Tony Benn addresses protesters gathered in front of the Houses of Parliament to demonstrate against military action in IraqReuters
2007 brian haw
8 October 2007: Former Labour MP Tony Benn stands with protester Brian Haw after anti-war protesters marched down Whitehall to Parliament Square, despite being told the protest was illegalGetty
2008 downing
15 February 2008: Former Labour Party MP Tony Benn walks along Downing Street after delivering a letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, calling for an end to the wars and occupations of Iraq and AfghanistanReuters
2009 trafalgar
1 April 2009: Tony Benn addresses protesters and members of The Stop the War Coalition in Trafalgar SquareGetty
2001 protest
26 March 2011: Tony Benn attends a rally in Hyde Park, during a protest against the coalition government's austerity measures, organised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC)Reuters
2013 mandela
12 December 2003: Tony Benn speaks at the Celebration of the Life of Nelson Mandela at Westminster Hall, House of CommonsGetty