Protests against Soma Holdings, the company that owns the coal mine where an explosion killed more than 200 miners, have spread across Turkey. In Ankara, police fired teargas and water cannon to disperse a group who tried to march to the energy ministry to protest the deaths.

ankara police on fire
Riot police run away from the flames as a petrol bomb thrown by protesters explodes in AnkaraReuters
ankara tear gas
Riot police fire tear gas towards protesters in AnkaraReuters
ankara arrested
A protester is detained in Ankara during a demonstration blaming the government for the mining disaster in SomaReuters
ankara arrest
Riot police detain a protester in Ankara during a demonstration against the ruling AKP partyReuters

In Istanbul, demonstrators staged a "lie in" protest, pretending to be dead miners.

Hundreds of activists gathered outside the headquarters of the company which owns the mine, Soma Holding.

istanbul lying down
Protesters lie down, acting as dead miners, in front of a Turkish flag at half mast at Taksim Square in IstanbulAFP
istanbul protest
Protesters with muddied faces hold a newspaper reading "black news" on Istiklal Avenue in IstanbulAFP
Protesters leave miners' helmets bearing the message "not an industrial accident, murder" in front of riot police in IstanbulAFP

The country's main opposition party said Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ruling party had recently voted down a proposal for the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry into a series of small-scale accidents at mines around Soma.

Erdogan postponed a foreign trip and visited the mine in Soma. He said the incident would be investigated to its "smallest detail" and "no negligence will be ignored".

Tensions were high as hundreds of relatives and miners stood outside the mine. The crowd shouted at officials and some wailed each time a body was brought up. A heavy police presence was in place around the mine.

Erdogan warned that some radical groups would try to use the disaster to discredit the government.

Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan visits Soma after a coal mine explosionReuters
Relatives of miners react as they wait in front of an hospital in SomaReuters
Relatives of miners who were killed or injured in a mine explosion react as rescuers work in SomaReuters
Miners react as bodies of their co-workers are carried out of the mineAFP
A man prays beside a grave of a dead miner while workers dig more graves in a cemetery in SomaReuters
Coffins are loaded onto a truck after being prepared by a carpenter in SomaReuters