Weeks of torrential rains have caused widespread flooding in low-lying areas of Bolivia such as the Amazonian region of Beni on the Brazilian border. More than 60 people have lost their lives and around 60,000 families have been made homeless.

Access to drinking water is a major problem, because dead cattle and sewage have contaminated wells and rivers. Mario Hurtado, president of the Beni Stock Raisers' Federation, estimated more than 100,000 cattle have been killed and another 500,000 animals are at risk of drowning or starvation.

An outbreak of dengue is feared once the waters have receded as the muddy expanses are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Fumigation operation are under way in Trinidad, the capital of Beni, where several cases of dengue have already been reported.

Bolivia's president Evo Morales said: "What is happening, particularly in Beni province, is something never before seen in the history of Bolivia."

Estela Parada holds her baby who was born during a heavy storm in her flooded home in Villa Marin, on the outskirts of Trinidad, BoliviaReuters
rail bridge
A railway bridge is surrounded by the overflowing Madeira River near Abuna, in Brazil's Rondonia state on the border with BoliviaReuters
aerial refabs
An aerial view of a flooded district in San Ignacio de Moxos in the Beni department of BoliviaReuters
road brazil
Houses along federal highway BR 364 in Brazil are flooded by the overflowing Madeira River near AbunaReuters
An aerial view of a flooded expanse near Trinidad, Beni department,BoliviaReuters
An aerial view of stranded cattle in the flooded region of Ballivian province, BoliviaReuters
Residents use boats to remove their belongings from their homes, which were flooded after the Acre river overflowed its banks due to heavy rains, in the city of Rio Branco, Acre state, BrazilReuters
Families are evacuated from Santa Ana de Yacuma in Bolivia by a Peruvian army helicopterReuters
A woman carries her baby in a pushchair after the river Beni flooded in Rurrenabaque, BoliviaReuters
A man and his family move their belongings from their flooded home in Puerto Ballivian, on the outskirts of Trinidad, BoliviaReuters
flooded farm
A flooded ranch in the northeast region in Beni department is seen from a helicopterReuters
helicopter clouds
A helicopter casts a shadow and clouds are reflected on flood waters in Beni department, BoliviaReuters
boat children
Children sit in a boat near a flooded playground in Puerto Almacen, on the outskirts of Trinidad in the northeast region of Beni department in BoliviaReuters
truck sign
Homes near the Acre river in Rio Branco are surrounded by waterReuters
A truck is driven along a flooded street in the city of Rio Branco, Brazil, after the Acre river burst its banksReuters
A boat floats on flood waters near Trinidad in BoliviaReuters