Sony's flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z, was rooted even before the device could go on sale with due credit to the developers' community. Now ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery can be installed on the phone. Using the CWM recovery users can perform several functions such as installation of custom ROMs and system tweaks.

Sony Xperia Z
The Xperia Z features a 5in full HD display.

Below are two different methods to install CWM recovery on Xperia Z: one for Xperia Z with locked bootloader and the other for unlocked bootloader version.  

The custom recovery file, which is built from CWM sources, for Xperia Z with unlocked bootloater is released by XDA developer, DooMLoRD. The developer notes that the aforementioned recovery file works only on Sony Xperia Z running on stock firmware 10.1.A.1.350/434 or any ROM based on the same firmware. Head over to the development page to learn more about the custom recovery release. The CWM recovery for Xperia Z with locked bootloader is shared by XDA developer, krabappel254.

Xperia Z users who wish to install CWM Recovery on their devices, may follow our step-by-step guide below. Users should have a rooted version of the phone. Click here for step-by-step guide to root the Sony Xperia Z.

IBTimes UK reminds its readers that it will not be held liable for any mishap, therefore, proceed at your own risk. Users are also advised to ensure that their devices meet the following requirements.  


1) Install USB Driver for Sony Xperia Z to transfer files between the computer and the Android device.

2) Enable USB Debugging Mode on the phone to connect it with the computer and use Android SDK with it. [Press Menu>> Settings>> Applications. From there navigate and click on Development option and ensure the USB Debugging Mode is turned on.]  

3) The device should have ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot installed on the phone.

4) As the tutorial might wipe out all the data on the device, create a backup. If the device has a custom recovery such as CWM/TWERP already installed, users are recommended to back up the data using the same.

5) Ensure that the battery of Xperia Z has above 80 percent charge.

6) The recovery files and the installation tutorial below are compatible only with Sony Xperia Z. Applying these to any incorrect variant is likely to brick the device. Therefore, install the recovery files accordingly.  

Steps to install CWM Recovery on Xperia Z with unlocked bootloader

1) Download CWM recovery for Sony Xperia Z to the computer. Extract the downloaded zip file to get the boot.img file  

2) Ensure that a working fastboot is already installed on the phone [For guide click here]  

3) Turn off the Xperia Z. Then enter into fastboot mode by pressing the Volume Up button

4) Connect the phone to the computer using USB cable

5) Wait until the LED lights up with blue colour. Try few more times if the first attempt fails

6) On the computer, copy the boot.img file into C:Fastboot

7) Open the command prompt on the computer. Go to Windows logo then type CMD in the search box and press Enter

8) Type cd C:fastboot then type fastboot flash boot boot.img

9) Once the action is completed, try to restart the device

The Sony Xperia Z should now have CWM recovery installed.  

Steps to install CWM Recovery on Xperia Z with locked bootloader

1) Download CWM Recovery for Sony Xperia Z with locked bootloader to the computer. Extract the downloaded zip to get the install.bat file  

2) Ensure that a working fastboot is already installed on the phone

3) Double click the install.bat file

4) Plug in the USB cable to the phone to connect it with the computer. Wait until the device is detected by the programme

5) Follow the screen instruction from the programme to continue installation

6) When the installation process is completed, switch off the phone

7) Press the Volume Up or Volume Down button and release for some time when the phone is booting (with LED is green)

8) Boot the device into the custom recovery [Try some more times if the first attempt does not work] 

Click here for guide to root Sony Xperia Tablet Z on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with locked/unlocked bootloader

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