News has just reached us that four South African miners have been shot and injured, apparently by security guards, using rubber bullets, at a goldmine owned by President Jacob Zuma's nephew, Khulubuse, and Nelson Mandela's grandson, Zondwa.

This latest violence follows the killing of 34 striking miners at the Marikana platinum mine two weeks ago, which sparked a national outcry in one of the worst incidents since the end of white rule in in 1994. These deaths have led to widespread unrest and strikes at gold and platinum mines throughout the country. The company blamed in-fighting within the officially recognised mine-workers union, which is facing a challenge from a more radical new union.

Today's shooting comes after the firebrand politician, Julius Malema, visited the Aurora goldmine last week and told fired mineworkers he was going to make South African mines ungovernable. A police spokesman said security guards used the rubber bullets to break up a scuffle between striking and non-striking workers at Gold One mine, formerly known as Aurora.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.