Ann Salter

Russia condemns Israel air strike on Syria

Russia Syria's biggest ally, has spoken out against the alleged attacks carried out by Israeli jets on a military convoy carrying weapons near a military research centre in North West of Damascus.

China denies hacking New York Times

China has denied claims that hackers infiltrated The New York Times newspaper editorial department. Following the publication of an article, which looked into the family wealth of the newly elected Premier Wen Jiabao.

Landmark Royal succession bill passed in parliament

As the new generation of royals William and Kate wait for the birth of their first child, the issue of succession and marrying a catholic has been changed , with the announcement of a ground breaking bill in Parliament.

10 'baby faced' Pygmy elephants poisoned in Malaysia

A tragic discovery revealed that 10 endangered Pygmy elephants, seven females and three males believed to be from the same family, have been killed in the past three weeks by poisoning on the Sabah wildlife game reserve in Malaysia.

French-led Mali troops surround Timbuktu

As part of France's aggressive drive to overthrow Al Qaeda linked troops in the north of Mali .It has been reported that French led Malian troops have surrounded the historic city of Timbuktu.

Three arrested over Brazil nightclub fire

Following the devastating nightclub fire that left 231 people dead in Brazil. A police spokesperson has announced the arrest of 3 people, with a fourth person,believed to be the co owner wanted in connection with the fire at the Kiss nightclub in San

Brazil nightclub fire: Funerals set to take place

Following the devastating fire that left 231 people dead in a nightclub in the southern Brazilian town of Santa Maria, the country has declared a three day period of mourning for the victims, mainly students who were killed in the fire.

North Korea calls South Korea 'Puppet traitors'

It is fighting talk again from North Korea who say they will attack its neighbour and rival South Korea if Seoul joined a new round of tightened U.N. sanctions issued in response to the North's continued use of rocket and nuclear testing.

Egypt: Protests and violence on uprising anniversary

The second anniversary of the overthrowing of Hosni Mubarak should see wild celebrations in Tahrir Square in Egypt not protests and violence as shown here, against the democratically elected President Mohammed Mursi.

Labour claim horsemeat may contain carcinogen

Concerns have been raised that drugs used to treat horses suffering from illness during their lifetime namely phenylbutazone, commonly called Bute, which is given to horses for the treatment of lameness, pain and fever,

Irish nanny charged with violently assaulting baby

Nanny Aisling McCarthy Brady from County Cavan Ireland has been charged with violently assaulting baby Rehma Sabir in her care, which resulted in the baby's death two days later in hospital from her injuries. Which authorities say were consistent wit

US condemns North Korea nuclear test threat

The US has spoken out against North Korea's provocative plans to continue nuclear testing, dismissing their claims it relates to sanctions brought about by the United Nation Security Council.

Israel Elections: Netanyahu predicted to win

No wonder Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister is looking positive here, as he visited the Western wall in Jerusalem with his two sons after casting his vote in the Israel election.

Dead and injured reported at BP Algeria plant

Reports just in say that a number of people have been killed at the BP Algeria gas plant, in fierce fighting between the Algerian army who have surrounded and attacked the plant and the Islamist militants who are holding a number of western workers h

Tesco apologises over horsemeat burgers

The UK's biggest supermarket Tesco has responded swiftly to the horsemeat burger expose from the Irish food inspectors, that showed their products contained high levels of horse meat

Algeria: BP hostages made to wear explosives

France 24 TV reports that some of the estimated 41 hostages held at the BP oil plant by the Khaled Abul Abbas Brigade in Algeria are being made to wear explosives around their necks.

Egypt: Block of flats collapse 14 dead

A residential block of flats have collapsed in Alexandria killing at least 14 people. It is believed that 30 people lived in the block and rescue workers seen here using specialist diggers, also used their bare hands to search through the rubble for