As fuel prices go through the roof, we have to switch to low-cost fuel cars or gas cars. 2012 has driven in a wide range of such vehicles at affordable prices. We bring you the top 10 most affordable gas cars costing under $17,500 including a year's worth of fuel. Check out the cars that give you the best in industry mileage:

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The Hyundai Accent is the most affordable car owing to its under $10,000 cost including the fuel expenses for the first year. Besides, it delivers a respectable 30mpg (miles per gallon), which would save the driver at least $888 annually when compared to a 20mpg car, taking the gas prices into account.Hyundai
Kia Rio is an impressive car which gives you great mileage. The manual transmission gives 30 miles per gallon combining city and highway fuel economy, when compared to automatic transmission’s 31mpg.Kia
Fortwo Coupe delivers an amazing 41mpg in city limits, with a (automatic and manual) combined fuel economy of 36mpg. Its compact size is ideal to zip through congested traffic and squeeze into jam-packed parking lots. It’s the smart choice for large city dwellers on a budget.smartusa
The sedan doesn’t perform well on automatic transmission, but still delivers an impressive 31mpg combined.Toyota
Ford Fiesta’s automatic transmission delivers 1mpg more than its manual counterpart with a fuel economy of 33mpg.Ford
If your preference is utmost fuel economy, then Elentra is the ideal choice. It gives you a combined fuel economy of 33mpg.Hyundai
Kia Forte isn’t a luxury car with glamorous looks, but surely the one for budget conscious. It makes into the list of solid affordable compact sedans on the market.Kia
It’s a bang for buck in a line of small and affordable cars.Honda
Japan's Toyota Motor Corp is set to undertake a massive global recall of vehicles due to faulty power window switch found in its units.Toyota
Nissan SentraNissanusa