A quirky aerial photo of St Basil's Cathedral, a snail drinking dew from a seedling, and a crime lord's funeral - these are some of the winning entries in the "Best of Russia 2013" photography competition, which was open to amateur and professional photographers across the country. The only condition for entry was that photos must have been taken in Russia during 2013. For more information, visit http://thebestofrussia.ru

St Basils Cathedral
Sergey Semenov: St Basil's Cathedral, MoscowSergey Semenov/Best of Russia
gay paratroopers
Dmitry Tsyrenschikov: Paratroopers clash with riot police a gay rights activist was attacked while protesting on Russian Paratroopers Day in St PetersburgDmitry Tsyrenschikov/Best of Russia
icy veins
Anton Agarkov: The frozen River Caen cuts icy veins through the steppeAnton Agarkov/Best of Russia
Vadim Trunov: ThirstVadim Trunov/Best of Russia
Sergey Smirnov: Autumn (Model: Anna Polozova; Hair: Alexander Shevchuk; Make-up: Svetlana Polokhina)Sergey Smirnov/Best of Russia
winter games
Lydia Sharapova: Men playing football cast long shadows on a frozen river in Nizhny NovgorodLydia Sharapova/Best of Russia
white knights
Alexander Martynov: Heavenly Painting. Aerobatics teams "Russian Knights" and "Swifts" performAlexander Martynov/Best of Russia
John Smith: At the tip of the spire of a Stalinist-era skyscraperJohn Smith/Best of Russia
Ilya Nodia: Portrait of twin brothers in the grounds of industrial warehouses in Omsk.Ilya Nodia/Best of Russia
Tetyana Borysenko: Yoga Marathon on Red SquareTetyana Borysenko
Vladislav Rink: Loneliness - a tree standing alone on the shore of Baikal BayVladislav Rink/Best of Russia
Dmitry Utkin: A hungry fox collects fish washed up on the shore in KamchatkaDmitry Utkin/Best of Russia
Alexey Zavodskiy: Photographed during an ascent of Elbrus in August 2013Alexey Zavodskiy/Best of Russia
funeral mafia
Valery Melnikov: Friends and colleagues of crime boss Aslan Usoyan take part in his funeral at the Khovanskoye cemetery in MoscowValery Melnikov/Best of Russia
Giant foot
Igor Efimov: The foot of a huge statue, Tractor and Farmer, in MoscowIgor Efimov/Best of Russia
red haired girl
Daniel Kontorovich: Portrait of Natalya KuznetsovaDaniel Kontorovich/Best of Russia
power of water
Vitaly Ragulin: Water is discharged at the Zeya hydroelectric station during floods in the Amur region.Vitaly Ragulin/Best of Russia
Gennady Yushin: Salmon return to Kuril Lake, South Kamchatka SanctuaryGennady Yushin/Best of Russia
Scarlet flower
Alexei Guskov: Scarlet FlowerAlexei Guskov/Best of Russia
star trails
Kirill Umrihin: Star trails above an avalanche warning centre in Krasnodar KraiKirill Umrihin/Best of Russia
street theatre
Anna Gorbach: Festival of street theatre in PermAnna Gorbach/Best of Russia
cyber punk
Alain Kostin: CyberpunkAlain Kostin/Best of Russia
Ian Bogomolov: Eid prayer in St PetersburgIan Bogomolov/Best of Russia
Maxim Bugaev: A red squirrel in ​​NovosibirskMaxim Bugaev/Best of Russia