In a survey released by Lloyds TSB International, 46 percent of British nationals questioned said they missed the British countryside the most, with those living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) topping that list.

The survey questioned 1,034 people, of whom 42 percent said they missed the British sense of humor. Next in line of quintessentially British symbols and cultural artifacts most thought about were pubs, with 41 percent longing for a pint of bitter at their neighborhood watering hole, especially those living in Australia.

Surprisingly, only 6 percent said they missed having a nice cup of tea.

Unsurprisingly the least popular aspects of life in the UK were politics and the weather, both of which only five percent of the people polled missed.

All in all, despite being away from their motherland, 68 percent were positive about their new lives and actually happier abroad.

"Often you don't know what you've got till it's gone so it speaks glowingly of our countryside that expats around the world miss it so much," Nicholas Boys Smith, of Lloyds TSB International, was quoted as saying in The Telegraph.

The online survey questioned Britons based in the 10 most popular expat destinations and was conducted by Freshminds.

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Pub is missed most by expats residing in Austrialiastock.xchang
Brits have been obsessed with tea ever since Portuguese and Dutch traders introduced it in the mid-17th century. While you should definitely try a cream tea at one of London’s top hotels, the city’s residents are also hopped up on some bloody good coffee. You’ll find local chains Caffe Nero, Coffee Republic and Costa Coffee competing for sidewalk space with Starbucks and other international coffee shops, which all serve a mix of Italian and American-style drinks.Reuters
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