brussels attacks
People attend a street memorial service in Brussels following the bomb attacksVincent Kessler/Reuters

Belgian officials have identified all the victims of the deadly bombings that hit Brussels on 22 March. Prosecutors said 17 Belgians and 15 foreigners lost their lives in the suicide attacks at the Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro that were carried out by three Islamic State (Isis) fanatics.

More than 250 people were wounded. Commuters, holidaymakers and workers on a trip to the European capital were among the innocent victims of the incident.

Brussels attack victims:

Deng Jingquan, a 24-year-old Chinese entrepreneur who had recently left his job at a medical company to start his own venture. He died at the airport on his way to Slovenia for a sales trip.

Deng Jingquan

Yves Cibuabua, a 27-year-old Belgian of Congolese origin. He died at the Maelbeek subway station, leaving behind a wife and two daughters.

Yves Cibuabua
Yves Cibuabua

Marie Lecaille, a 68-year-old grandmother from the Brussels suburb of Watermael-Boitsfort.

Marie Lecaille
Marie LecailleLe Soir

Sabrina Esmael Fazal, a 24-year old nursing student from Belgium died in the subway.

Sabrina Fazal
Sabrina Fazal Facebook

Loubna Lafquiri, a 34-year-old Belgian-Moroccan mother-of-three who taught gymnastics at a private Muslim school in the multicultural Schaerbeek district of Brussels.

brussels MISSING
Loubna Lafquiri was travelling on the metro during the attackFacebook

Lauriane Visart, a 27-year-old Belgian lawyer who was killed during the Maelbeek station bombing.

Lauriane Visart
Lauriane Visart

My Atlegrim, a 30-year-old illustrator and textile designer from Umea in northern Sweden. She was killed in the metro bombing.

My Atlegrim
My Atlegrim Facebook

Aline Bastin, a 29-year-old from Liege, Belgium. Bastin, a communications manager at The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies, was on her way to work when she was killed.

Aline Bastin
Aline BastinFacebook

Adelma Tapia Ruiz, a 37-year old born in Peru who had been living in Belgium for nine years died at the airport. Her husband and baby twin daughters survived as they had left the check-in line to go and play just outside the terminal when the bomb went off.

Adelma Tapia Ruiz
Adelma Tapia RuizFacebook

Alexander and Sascha Pinczowski, 29 and 26-year-old Dutch siblings who lived in New York died at the airport. They were heading home to the US after a business trip.

Alexander and Sascha Pincowski
Alexander and Sascha PincowskiFacebook/Karen Jones Cage

Fabienne Vansteenkiste, 51, was an airport worker. When the detonation tore up the terminal she was supposed to be off but had earlier agreed to work two extra hours to help a colleague. She left behind her husband of 35 years, Eddy Van Calster.

Fabienne Vansteenkiste
Fabienne VansteenkisteFacebook

Nic Coopman, a Belgian citizen died at the Zaventem airport.

Nic Coopman
Nic Coopman

Justin Shults, 30, and wife Stephanie Shults from the US were killed in the bombings at the airport.

Justin and Stephanie Shults
Justin and Stephanie ShultsFacebook

Raghavendran Ganesan, a 31-year-old software engineer from India was married with a son. He died at Maelbeek station.

Raghavendran Ganesan
Raghavendran Ganesan

Gilles Laurent, a 46-year-old sound recordist and engineer from Bouillon in southern Belgium died in the metro blast. He left behind his wife and two daughters.

Gilles Laurent
Gilles LaurentFacebook

Melanie Defize, a 29-year-old music producer and violinist died in the subway attack.

Melanie Defize
Melanie Defize

Bart Migom a 21-year-old Belgian student was at the airport to catch a flight to Atlanta where he was due to visit his girlfriend.

Bart Migom
Bart Migom

Andre Adam, a 79-year-old retired Belgian diplomat died trying to shield his wife from the explosion at Brussels airport, according to their daughter.

Andre Adam
Andre AdamFacebook

Patricia Rizzo, a 48-year-old Belgian of Sicilian origin who worked for European institutions was killed at Maelbeek station.

Patricia Rizzo
Patricia Rizzo

Jennifer Scintu Waetzmann was a handball youth coach in Aachen, Germany. She was killed as she was due to board on a flight for New York for her honeymoon with her Husband, Lars Waetzmann, who was injured in the blast.

Jennifer Scintu Waetzmann
Jennifer Scintu Waetzmann

Elita Borbor Weah, a 40-year-old who was heading to Rhode Island to attend her stepfather's funeral when Brussels Airport was hit by a blast. She left behind a 13-year-old daughter.

Elita Borbor Weah
Elita Borbor Weah

David Dixon, a 53-year-old British citizen was killed at Maelbeek station.

David Dixon
David DixonTwitter

Leopold Hecht, 20 was a law student at the Saint-Louis University in Brussels. He died in the bombing at Maelbeek subway station.

Leopold Hecht
Leopold HechtFacebook

Olivier Delespesse, a 45-year-old civil servant was killed in the subway blast.

Olivier Delespesse
Olivier DelespesseOlivier DelespesseFacebook

Johan Van Steen, a 58-year-old Belgian national died at Maelbeek station.

Johan Van Steen
Johan Van SteenStandaard

Berit Viktorsson, from Sweden was killed at the airport.

Berit Viktorsson
Berit ViktorssonFacebook

Janina Panasewicz, a 61-year-old from Poland died in the metro explosion.

Janina Panasewicz
Janina Panasewicz