Chelsea have a chance tonight to make it through to the coveted Champions League final on May 19, and Germany's Allianz Arena is where Europe's most prestigious football tournament will come to an end.

The stadium on average has 66,000 fans attending major matches, and hosted the opening game for the 2006 FIFA Germany World Cup, along with the semi-finals.

The colours on the outside change according to who is playing inside, and should Chelsea make it past Barcelona tonight, the stadium could well be lit up in Blue as supporters flock to Munich for the game.

To celebrate the Champions League final, Allianz have released a series of images to show fans just what they're in for if they make the trip to Germany fro one of the biggest games in football.

From the dressing rooms to the tunnel and the pitch, supporters can get a feel for the walk that the Chelsea squad could be doing in the final.

The build-up to the Champions League final is like no other in football, despite being a tournament that takes place every year, and if Chelsea aren't included in the final two, the prospect of Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Real Madrid playing at one of Europe's most modern stadiums will no doubt be appealing to any football fan.

What the arena will look like if Chelsea make the finalAllianz
View from aboveAllianz
Allianz Arena infographic
Fans will be in for a treat if they're lucky enough to get hold of a Champions League final ticketAllianz
The players changeroomsAllianz
The pitch will be well and truly prepared for the final on May 19 - it has hosted many big games beforeAllianz
If Barcelona play, the stadium will be lit up in blue, red and yellow.Allianz
Allianz Arena InfographicAllianz