Firefighters battled deadly forest fires in Valparaiso, Chile for a second night after coastal winds whipped up the flames again.

At least 12 people were killed and 500 injured as the blaze swept through the hills above the city, destroying 2,000 homes and forcing 10,000 people to flee.

city smoke
A huge cloud of smoke from a forest fire engulfs Valparaiso in ChileReuters

Fires emergency services thought they had under control were reignited by Sunday afternoon's winds and raged out of control, threatening to spread to more areas of the city.

The blaze began in a forested ravine next to ramshackle housing on one of Valparaiso's 42 hilltops, and spread rapidly. Hot ash rained down over wooden houses and narrow streets. Electricity failed as the fire grew, turning the night sky orange and reducing suburbs on six hilltops to ashes.

city terrace
People watch as part of Valparaiso is destroyed by fireReuters
fire house
A house goes up in flamesReuters
Firefighters aim a jet of water onto a huge wall of flamesAFP
flee family
People flee after the fire shot up again in an area of ValparaisoAFP
flee fear
A couple and their baby react in horror after the fire was reignited in part of the cityAFP
Two firefighters investigate an area while a huge fire consumes hillside propertiesReuters
resident window
A resident watches through his window as a forest fire approachesReuters
Residents throw buckets of water onto the flames as the forest fire approaches their propertiesReuters
An helicopter drops water onto the blazeReuters
fire hills
A forest fire rages in one of the hills surrounding ValparaisoReuters
Properties in the hills above Valparaiso are reduced to glowing embersReuters
Residents survey the damage and sort through the remnants of houses in ValparaisoReuters
aftermath body
Residents and rescue workers remove a body after a fire ripped through a residential area of the cityReuters
rescue worker
An exhausted rescue worker takes a breakReuters
aftermath family
A family sits amid the ruins of their house in an area ravaged by fireAFP
A volunteer gives water to a donkey caught up in the infernoReuters