Costumed fans dressed as superheroes and villains are descending on San Diego for the 45th annual Comic-Con.

More than 150,000 fans are expected to attend the four-day festival celebrating film, TV, video games, comic books and costumes.

After more than four decades of Comic-Con, the festival has outgrown the San Diego Convention Centre and spills out on to neighbouring streets and hotels.

Wonder Women, Batmen, Klingons and the undead mill about the streets of the city. IBTimesUK takes a look at some of the attendees at this year's event.

comic con blue
Allie Shaughnessy, dressed as Marvel Comics' character Mystique, attends Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego, CaliforniaReuters
comic con lorne
Maia Blackman, dressed as Lorne from the TV series Angel, attends Comic-ConReuters
comic con mad hatter
Costume designer and viral marketer Chad Evett and members of his family, dressed as the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, pose outside the San Diego Convention CentreAFP
comic con nomad
Nomad, lead singer of the band Dive Bomber, strokes a puppy held by seven-year-old Ashton Ritz, dressed as Jack-Jack from The IncrediblesAFP
comic con dog captain marvel
A dog named Ollie is dressed as Captain MarvelReuters
comic con doctor who
Two Doctor Who fans dress as the fifth incarnation of the Doctor, played by Peter DavisonGetty
comic con tardis
Doctor Who fan Allie Marie, looks out from her homemade, life-sized, TardisGetty
comic con chewbacca
Christopher Petrone of San Diego towers over attendees in his handmade Chewbacca costumeGetty
comic con worf klingon
William Pasini of Santa Barbara poses as Worf, a Klingon in Star TrekGetty
comic con batman robin
Erien Hodge and his son Adonis, 13, dress as Batman and RobinAFP
comic con maleficent
Attendees dress up as Disney villains Hades, Maleficent and YzmaAFP
comic con walking dead
Sirisha Verigonda poses as Michonne from The Walking Dead with two zombies, Emily Zheng and Gina HuangGetty
comic con homer
Kenneth McDaniel, dressed as Homer Simpson, arrives at Comic-ConReuters
comic con white walker
Karl Zingheim arrives at Comic=Con in his Game Of Thrones White Walker costume, complete with undead horseGetty