America's multicultural society lined up to vote for the Presidential elections at polling stations across the US on Election Day.

According to the first exit polls 10 per cent of the US voting population was Latino, 73 per cent white and 13 per cent black, CNN reported.

The Latino share slightly increased on 2008, while the number of white and black voters remained at the same level.

Electors aged between 18 and 29 represented about 19 per cent of the total voters. The figures somewhat favour Obama, who is reportedly more popular among young people and ethnic minorities.

Here is a collection of photos of America's diverse faces.

A woman uses a shaft of sunlight to see her ballot as she votes in a polling station during the US presidential election in New York.Reuters
Surfer Mike Wegart waits to vote during the U.S. presidential election at Venice Beach lifeguard station in Los Angeles.Reuters
Voters are pictured behind ballot booths as they cast their votes during the US presidential election at a poling station in the Staten Island Borough of New York.Reuters
A Chicago voter casts her vote with her two children at a polling station inside a mobile phone shop.Reuters
An election worker checks in voters at the St. Andrew Lutheran Church for the US presidential election in Caledonia.Reuters
Voter Lisa Spearman poses for a photo after casting her ballot during the US presidential election in Las Vegas, Nevada.Reuters
Antonio Reives waits for his mother to finish voting during the US presidential election in Las Vegas, Nevada.Reuters
A voter feeds his ballot into a counting machine during the US presidential election at the Los Angeles Mission's Anne Douglas Center.Reuters
Placards and campaign stickers sit on a table at the Latino regional headquarters for the Obama campaign in MilwaukeeReuters
A woman casts her ballot at the School Without Walls polling station in Washington.Reuters