Facebook Turns 10: Gif Guide to Why I Love Yet Hate the Social Network
Facebook Turns 10: Gif Guide to Why I Love Yet Hate the Social Network

My name is Lianna Brinded and I am a Facebook addict.

However, contrary to new studies, which coincide with the social network's 10th birthday, I am not lonely but constant use of Facebook regularly hits me with mixed feelings.

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Often, it is a great way of keeping a connection with friends and family that are either on the other side of the world or are very difficult to see on a regular basis.


You get to share in their wedding, baby and major announcement joy.

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You get to also exchange awesome and fun moments in your life.


You also get to share with the world about some fun and surprising developments in your life.


And, even better, when you have a bad day, you get to cheer yourself and others up with cute and funny animal pictures.


You can also exchange articles and discuss topics that really make you think.


But while Facebook can bring out the best in you, it can also bring out the worst and in others too.


When you're having a bad day, you can't help but spam your friend's timelines with how much you hate the world and how life is unfair.


After a while, you also come to realise that you cannot face another photo of your friend's baby looking exactly like a swaddled inanimate potato for the thousandth time.


Or your friend's latest meal using Instagram filters or 'share this photo if you are against [insert cause]'.


Or pictures of the same people who have a penchant of pouting with a duck face, especially in their profile pictures.


You also realise that some people you thought you knew really well are extremely infuriating and call into question your entire friendship.


After years of putting your life on display, you also realise it's a catalogue for questionable mutual friends to wheedle their way into your life and start picking off your chums like a headhunter seeking out pygmies.


You also realise you can spend hours and days arguing with people, who were once your friends, about absolutely anything.


Meanwhile, you find yourself less tolerable of people's good news when you feel hard done by.


Above all, you come to the shocking realisation that your friends (or you) suck at grammar.