Farmers in France are staging protests across the country, barricading highways, dumping manure outside banks and setting fire to rubbish outside supermarkets.

France farmers blockade Limonest Lyon
The message "Valls, we're waiting for you" is written with tyres on the A6 highway in Limonest near Lyon, as French farmers blockade itRobert Pratta/Reuters
france farmers protest Limonest Lyon
Farmers in France block the A6 highway in Limonest near LyonRobert Pratta/Reuters
france farmers protest Morlaix Brest Brittany
Farmers burn tyres and hay as they block a highway between Morlaix and Brest in BrittanyFred Tanneau/AFP
france farmers protest Quimper Brittany
Wooden pallets burning outside a supermarket in Quimper, BrittanyFred Tanneau/AFP

Livestock farmers are accusing food companies and supermarkets of not respecting a deal signed last month in which they agreed to raise prices paid to producers. Tensions are particularly high in Brittany and Normandy in the north-west of the country.

Minister of Agriculture Stéphane Le Foll, who met farmers in Caen, said the government would try to refocus subsidies for farmers. But they said they did not want more subsidies but fair prices.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has said that the government aims to reverse a drop in competitiveness on local and export meat and dairy markets, notably against other European countries where prices have been significantly lower.

france farmer protest Seclin Lille-Paris highway
A French farmer pushes tyres onto a fire to block the A1 Lille-Paris highway in Seclin, northern FrancePascal Rossignol/Reuters
france farmers protest A1 Lille-Paris highway
A French farmer makes a phone call in front of burning tyres barricading the A1 Lille-Paris highwayPascal Rossignol/Reuters
france farmers protest Saint-Brice-en-Cogls Brittany
Livestock-breeders block the entrance to a dairy factory in Saint-Brice-en-Coglès, BrittanyJacky Naegelen/Reuters
france farmers protest Bouvron Nantes Upper Brittany
A truck dumps tyres and rubble in front of a dairy factory in Bouvron near Nantes in the Upper Brittany regionGeorges Gobet/AFP
france farmers protest Olron Marennes
Motorists argue with farmers blocking the Oléron bridge in Marennes, western FranceXavier Leoty/AFP
france farmers protest Brittany
A road in Brittany is blocked with a burning barricadeFred Tanneau/AFP
france farmers protest
Farmers block a bridge in western FranceXavier Leoty/AFP
france farmers protest Mont-de-Marsan
A farmer puts tape reading "meat from nowhere" across a fridge at a supermarket in Mont-de-Marsan, southwestern FranceMehdi Fedouach/AFP
france farmers protest Quimper Brest Brittany
Farmers in France hold a barbecue on the blockaded highway between Quimper and Brest in BrittanyFred Tanneau/AFP
france farmers protest Le Mont Saint-Michel
Farmers block the road leading the popular tourist site of Le Mont Saint-Michel in NormandyCharly Triballeau/AFP
france farmers protest Le Mont Saint-Michel tourist
A tourist pushes a suitcase past livestock-breeders blocking the road to Le Mont Saint-MichelJacky Naegelen/Reuters
france farmers protest Bretteville-sur-Odon Caen
Manure, rubbish and old tyres are dumped outside a bank in Bretteville-sur-Odon near Caen, northwestern FranceCharly Triballeau/AFP
france farmers protest Bretteville-sur-Odon Caen
Motorists and farmers argue at a blockade on the A84 outside Bretteville-sur-Odon near CaenCharly Triballeau/AFP

Farmers in France – many of whom are traditionally right-wing – have become increasingly frustrated with the Socialist government of Hollande, saying that increased paperwork and high labour costs are the main causes for their loss in competitiveness. Polls show a rising number of farmers are turning to the far-right National Front.