The hacker who breached George W Bush's sister's email account has been arrested. Among the data obtained by the hacker, known as Guccifer, were a number of paintings by the former US president, including two nude self-portraits - one in the shower and one in the bath.

Bush said he took up painting after reading a Winston Churchill essay on the subject. Bonnie Flood, the art teacher he hired, claimed he'll "go down in the history books as a great artist".

She added: "He started out painting dogs. I think he said he's painted over 50 dogs."

Bush appeared on The Tonight Show and shared a few of his paintings, including a portrait of Jay Leno, and one of his beloved Scottish terrier Barney.

IBTimes UK looks at the Bush art gallery.

george bush shower
George W Bush's naked self-portrait in the shower, one of the paintings leaked by the hacker GucciferThe Smoking Gun
george bush nude bath
George W Bush in the bath, one of the nude self-portraits he sent to his sisterThe Smoking Gun
bush barney
When his beloved Scottish terrier Barney died last year, George Bush released this oil painting of the family petReuters
bush leno
The former head of state presented a portrait of Jay Leno to the host of The Tonight ShowReuters
Miss Beazley
This painting shows Miss Beazley, a Scottish terrier adopted by George and Laura Bush in 2005
dog bars
Critics claimed this painting of a dog gazing forlornly at the White House from outside the gate suggested Bush feels cut off from the job and the home that defined him
bush cat portrait
This painting leaked by Guccifer suggests Mr Bush was going through a Cat Period
bob the cat
Bob the Cat, painted by George W Bush
bush christmas ornament
You can own a Dubya artwork. This Christmas tree ornament featuring an unsigned Bush painting of a cardinal on a tree branch, went on sale for $29.98The George W. Bush Presidential Center