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Grim Reaper Toilet Roll Holder
This spooky black and red Grim Reaper toilet roll holder will be a welcome addition to a true goth's smallest room. Its 14.99 at http://compare.ebay.co.uk.Ebay
Evil Hot Gummi Bears
For £4.99 you can get your hands on these Evil Hot Gummi Bears. These sweet but scary treats from www.firebox.com will make its victims gasp, cry, sweat.http://www.firebox.com
Blood bath shower curtain
Help the prankster in your life scare their mates this Halloween with The Blood Bath Shower. For £11.99 they can turn their bathroom into a scene straight out of Hitchcock's Psycho. Visit http://www.mzube.co.uk.http://www.mzube.co.uk
Personalised Halloween Mug
This personalised Halloween mug is perfect for anyone partial to a brew. Whether its a cup of tea, or witches' broth, it will feel like Halloween all year round. Get one for £10.99 at http://www.gonedigging.co.uk.http://www.gonedigging.co.uk
This horror classic is guaranteed to scare their socks off. Bring the fear factor home with 1976 about a socially outcast teenage girl who seeks revenge on her tormentors after discovering she has telekinetic powers. Get a copy at http://www.amazon.co.uk for £9.99.http://www.amazon.co.uk

With Halloween fast approaching, time is running out to find the ideal way to celebrate the scariest day of the year.

For many, pounding the streets In the hunt for candy is one of the highlights of the festivities.

But if you prefer to avoid the annual trick and treating and fancy dress parties but don't want to miss out on the fun still, we have the answer.

Spooking your family and friends with gifts is the easy way to make sure you get into the Halloween spirit.

Keep the thrills and chills at their maximum by starting your Halloween shopping early for a perfectly nightmarish day.

Just to get you started IBTimes UK has put together a list of some spooktacular gift ideas - all for under £15.