Brexit aftermath: How to move to Canada, Are We European and How to get an Irish passport among top Google Trends searches Google search spikes show top UK searches all focus on Brexit ramifications.
45 hours ago
Filing cabinet A couple bought filing cabinets off eBay from a former NHS Trust and discovered patient records.
2 days ago
Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones Season6 will spam the mobile number of your choice with Game of Thrones spoilers from the show.
3 days ago
Netflix 74% of customers said they would rather cancel their Netflix membership than put up with ads.
4 days ago
Text message on phone RCS In-app bot takes the hard work out of cutting off communications with unwanted suitors.
4 days ago
Peter Sunde to sue record labels Peter Sunde says he was unaware of the case until the verdict came out.
4 days ago
Mysterious sea monster Google Earth The giant, unknown object spotted in Antarctica wasn't the mythical Kraken, but something far more ordinary.
5 days ago
Spotify Logo The world's largest music streaming service now has 30m paid customers as it hits a new milestone.
5 days ago
Pirate Bay's hydra approach has failed Pirate Bay co-founder Fredrik Neij has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court.
7 days ago
Peter Sunde to to pay $395,000 to record labels The record labels sued Peter Sunde over illegal sharing of music by 60 Finish artists.
10 days ago
Kawaii Donald Trump makes heart symbol pose An artist has made a Japanese parody of a Donald Trump presidential advert that you'll never forget.
10 days ago
Chinese Yuan Loan sharks are demanding nude photos that will be made public if students fail to repay their debts in time.
11 days ago
Apple UK corporation tax

Apple paid £12.9m in UK corporation tax in 2015

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