iOS 8.3 compatible jailbreak tweaks
iOS 8.1.3 - iOS 8.3 compatible jailbreak tweaks on Cydia revealed [Full List]IBTimes UK

The TaiG team recently released the highly-anticipated iOS 8.3 untethered jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, while several users have been reportedly complaining that a bunch of jailbreak tweaks and Cydia apps are not working for them.

According to the latest tweet from the Cydia founder, Jay Freeman aka Saurik, it is ascertained that the Cydia Substrate is still incompatible with iOS 8.3 - iOS 8.1.3, as it requires a jailbreak kernel patch to fix the issue.

Fortunately, the TaiG team has already confirmed via its official Weibo account that a new fix will soon be released for the iOS 8.1.3 – iOS 8.3 jailbreak to address the incompatibility issue with existing jailbreak tweaks and apps.

Nevertheless, a few of the jailbreak tweaks and Cydia apps such as the iFile, BytaFont 2, iModGame, Kodi and MobileTerminal are still compatible with iOS 8.3.

Interested users who have recently jailbroken their device on iOS 8.1.3 through iOS 8.3 using TaiG 2.0.0 can go ahead and install the following jailbreak tweaks and apps, as they have been tested and confirmed to be fully compatible.

Here is the complete list of iOS 8.1.3 – iOS 8.3 compatible jailbreak tweaks and Cydia apps for your reference:

  • Tage
  • OneHandWizard
  • BioProtect
  • NoSlowAnimations
  • CallBar
  • Barrel
  • iFile
  • Activator
  • LittleBrother
  • ReachApp
  • Apex 2
  • MTerminal
  • 3G Unrestrictor
  • AquaBoard 8
  • Zeppelin
  • MultiDelete
  • PowerApp
  • Combination Lock
  • SmoothCursor
  • Cask
  • Lithium
  • WeatherBoard
  • Photo Organizer 8
  • ShowCase
  • Anchor
  • UntetheredHeySiri
  • DetailedBatteryUsage
  • Aria
  • Circulate
  • CleverPin
  • Kodi
  • IntelliScreen X
  • RecordPause
  • Heads Up Display Mode
  • Full Switch
  • CustomStatusBar
  • PowerPlus
  • CameraTweak 3
  • PrismBoard
  • CloseAll
  • f.lux
  • Virtual Home
  • SwipeSelection
  • NCMeters
  • AlbumShot
  • Particle Wallpapers
  • WinterBoard
  • Flex 2
  • BytaFont 2
  • TinyBar

Update: Here is the updated and consolidated list of partially compatible, fully compatible and incompatible jailbreak tweaks (wherein Yes = fully compatible, unknown = still not tested, Partial = partially compatible, No = incompatible):

3G Unrestrictor Yes
ActualBattery Yes
Adblocker 2 Yes
AFC2 Yes
Anchor Yes
Andrios Yes
Aria Yes
BackUpIt Yes
Barmagnet Yes
Barrel Yes
Bars Yes
BetterWiFi7 Yes
BioProtect Yes
Bloard Yes
Boover Yes
Bridge Yes
BytaFont 2 Yes
CameraTweak 3 Yes
CCControls Yes
CCSettings Yes
Cephei Yes
CircleIcons Yes
Circulus Yes
ClassicDock Yes
CleverPin Yes
CocoaTop Yes
Color Keyboard for iOS 7 Yes
ColorBadges Yes
ColorFlow Yes
Colorize Yes
Columba Yes
Copic Yes
Cornered Yes
CrashReporter Yes
CyDelete8 Yes
Cylinder Yes
DarkFolders7 Yes
DetailedBatteryUsage Yes
Disable Paralax Effect Yes
Disk Pie Yes
DoubleCut Yes
Eclipse 2 Yes
f.lux Yes
Filza Yes
FlipControlCenter Yes
Flurry Yes
ForceGoodFit Yes
Fortune Yes
Fuse Yes
Gauss Yes
GroovyLock Yes
GroupMe Yes
Harbour Yes
HideMe8 Yes
iCaughtU Pro Yes
Iconoclasm Yes
iFile Yes
iOS Terminal Yes
iTouchSecure Yes
iTransmission Yes
iWidgets Yes
Kodi Yes
Light Untrusted Hosts Blocker Yes
Lithium Yes
LittleBrother Yes
LockGlyph Yes
LockKeyboard Yes
MessagesCustomiser (and PRO) Yes
Mikoto Yes
Minimal Hosts Blocker Yes
MTerminal Yes
MultiIconMover+ Yes
MxTube Yes
NCFold Yes
NewTerm Yes
Nitrous Yes
NoBlur Yes
NoDictation Yes
NoMotion Yes
NoSlowAnimation Yes
NoVibratedWakeup Yes
OneMoreTIme Yes
OpenSSH Yes
Phantom for Snapchat Yes
PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 8 Yes
PowerSoundDisabler Yes
PreferenceLoader Yes
Prettier Banners Yes
Priority Hub Yes
PullToRespring Yes
ReachApp Yes
Send Delay Yes
ShowCase Yes
Slide2Kill8 Pro Yes
Speed Intensifier Yes
StatusVol X Yes
SubtleLock - iOS 8 Yes
SwipeExpander Yes
SwipeSelection (and PRO) Yes
SwitchSpring Yes
Tage Yes
TetherMe for iOS8+ Yes
Tone Enabler Yes
TransparentDock Yes
TypeStatus Yes
UnlimTones Yes
Untrusted Hosts Blocker Yes
Upscale Yes
VirtualHome 8 Yes
Whatspad Yes
WiFiPasswords Yes
Winterboard Yes
xCon Yes
YouTubed Yes
Zeppelin Yes
20 Second Lockscreen Unknown
3DSwitcher Unknown
ActiContact Unknown
Activate Link Unknown
Aduitor Unknown
Asphalesia Unknown
AudioExplorer+ Unknown
Automa Yes
BetterNC7 Unknown
BigBubbles Unknown
BlueBoard Unknown
CC Deseperator Unknown
Cobalia Unknown
DailyPaper Unknown
DynamicText Unknown
w Unknown
GlowBadge Unknown
Index Unknown
MagicBadges Unknown
MSGAutoSave 8 Unknown
OrangeRed iOS 8 Unknown
Pasithea Unknown
PhoneCaller Unknown
PhotoOrganiser 8 Yes
PreTree Unknown
RASBerry Unknown
Sectional Unknown
Shrink Unknown
Sicarius Unknown
Snapper Unknown
SnoozeHelper Unknown
Spin Unknown
Unbold Unknown
Unifaces Unknown
Uniformity Unknown
Watsui Unknown
Anemone Partial
AppInfo Partial
Assistant+ Partial
BatteryLife Partial
CallBar Partial
Cydia Enable Partial
Cydia Substrate Partial
DataMeter Partial
HomeScreenDesigner Partial
iCleaner Pro Partial
IntelliScreenX 8 Partial
LocationFaker8 Partial
MyWi 8 Partial
XModGames Partial
Activator No
Aeternum No
Aeuria LS No
AFVideo No
AirBlue Sharing No
AirBlue Stack No
AlienBlue++ No
AlienBlueVisitedSync No
Alkaline No
Almpoum No
AlwaysClear No
Androidlock XT No
Animate No
AnyDrop3 No
Apex 2 No
AppButton No
Apple File Conduit "2" No
Applocker No
AppScan No
Appsync Unified No
AskToCall No
Audio Recorder No
AutoRotateVideos No
AutoTouch For iOS 8 No
Auxo 3 No
Avix No
Banner Sounds No
Battery Passcode No
BatteryStatusBar No
BatteryUsageEnhancer No
Beacon 2 No
BetterLS No
BetterPowerDown No
Bigify No
BioLockDown No
Bluebell No
BlurredMusicApp No
Bolt No
BounceNotify8 No
Browser Changer No
BytaFont 2 Tweak Mode No
CalcUnlimited No
Caldendar Pro for NC No
CallShortcut No
CarrierCrack No
CarrierPidgeon No
CCHide No
CCHide No
CCLoader No
CCMeters No
CCNowPlaying No
CCSliders No
Chrome Downloader+ No
ClassicFolders No
ClassicSwitcher No
ColorBanners No
ColorY0urBoard8 No
CommCenter Patch No
Convergence No
Copic for Callbar No
Couria No
CustomCover No
CustomLS No
CustomWidgetIcons No
Cydget No
Dim No
Dimmer No
DockShift No
EasySpring2 iOS 8 No
Ember+ No
EqualizerEverywhere No
Facebook++ No
Faces No
FBNoNeedMessenger No
FiveIconDock No
FlagPaint 2 No
Flex 2 No
Forecast No
FreeFall No
FreeLoader No
GhostPrefs No
GIFViewer No
GlareMusicApp No
GlarePhotosApp No
GridSwitcher No
GuestMode No
HapticMusic No
HiddenConvos Pro No
HiddenSettings8 No
Hide Newsstand iOS 7.1.x No
Icon Renamer No
IconOmatic No
IfFound 2 No
iMessage Unlimited Media Send No
IneffectivePower No
InfiniDock No
InstaEnhancer No
Instagram++ No
InstaLauncher No
InstaRealDate No
Interactive Message Notifications No
iPod Always Play No
Jellylock Unified Beta No
KeyboardVibrate8 No
KillBackground 8 No
LastApp No
LockHTML4 No
Mobius No
NCAllOnly No
NCObey No
NCPad No
NCSingleTapClear No
Nested Folders (iOS 8) No
NightMode8 No
NiN No
No Yahoo! & TWC No
NoAnnoyance No
NoEarlier No
NoLockBounce No
Non-Stop Music No
NoNearMe No
NoSocialAds No
OpenNotifier No
PagedSwitcher No
PasswordPilot No
Persian Keyboard iOS8 No
Piano Passcode No
Polus No
Power Tap No
PowerBanners No
Protean No
Protect My Privacy No
Protube No
Pull To Dismiss No
Quartz No
QuartzSettings No
QuartzStatusBar No
QuickActivator No
RecentFacebook No
RemoteMessages No
RePower No
RippleBoard No
Safari Download Enabler No
Safari Downloader+ No
Safari Full URL No
Safari Upload Enabler No
SafariTabCount No
Safe Alarm PRO No
SameStatus No
SlideForUsage No
SnapMaster No
Springpage No
Springtomize 3 (iOS 7 & 8) No
StatusBarTimer No
StatusBright No
StatusHUD 2 No
StatusModifier No
StoreAlert No
Stream Enhancer No
Super Recorder No
SwipeShiftCaret No
SwishSwitcher No
SwitchSpring No
TimeCode No
Tinder ++ No
TinyBar No
TouchID Everywhere No
tsProtector8 No
Twitter++ No
TypeRead No
UIColors No
Universal Video Downloader No
User Agent Faker No
Veency No
Vertex No
VerticalVideoSyndrome No
VibCall No
Viber++ No
VideoPane No
VintageKeys No
WAEnhancer8 No
WallRotator No
Whatsapp Web Enabler No
Wink No
XPasscode No