The North Korean government is extremely busy – what with continually rattling sabres, battling extended famines, holding off imminent social collapse, and trying to convince everyone that North Korea is destined to rule the planet.

Yet its youthful 'supreme leader' Kim Jong-un still finds time for his favourite pastime: looking at random things.

Kim Jong Un at the Chonji Lubricant Factory
Kim Jong Un gets very excited over some freshly squeezed lubricant, made at the Chonji Lubricant Factory, as a worker struggles to contain his excitement at being this close to the Supreme Leader of North Korea.
Kim Jong Un at the Wonsan Shoe Factory
Kim Jong Un inspects the quality of North Korean footwear, while surrounded by some of the ecstatic workers of the Wonsan Shoe Factory.
Kim Jong Un looks through binoculars
Surrounded by the usual retinue of big-hatted North Korean military officers, Kim Jong Un looks at the Hwa Islet Defence Detachment, a forward post off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, through a pair of binoculars.
Kim Jong Un at the Pyongyang Textile Mill
Kim Jong Un examines the facilities at the Kim Jong Suk Pyongyang Textile Mill's workers' hostel. It appears the water has met with the Supreme Leader's high expectations.
Kim Jong Un at the Designing Institute of the Korean Peoples Army
At the Designing Institute of the Korean People's Army, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, watches a soldier design something. It appears the soldier was so nervous about meeting the Supreme commander of the Korean People's Army that he forgot to turn his computer's monitor on. An understandable error.
Kim Jong Un at the Foodstuff Factory No 354
As the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un is an acknowledge expert on every aspect of North Korea. He he provides "field guidance" on making better biscuits to staff of Foodstuff Factory No. 354 of the Korean People's Army.
Kim Jong Un inspects a scientists bed
There is no aspect of North Korea that is too humble for Kim Jong Un to look at. Here he checks that a newly consctructed apartment flat, built especially for scientists, passes his strict standards.
Kim Jong Un inspects scientists resort plans
Showing off the latest in North Korean casual men's fashions, Kim Jong Un looks at plans for a resort dedicated to North Korea's scientists.
Kim Jong Un looks through a submarine periscope
Kim Jong Un looks through a submarine's periscope while inspecting of the Korean People's Army Naval Unit 167. No doubt he had some tips on how to improve the periscope's performance.
Kim Jong Un at Rocket Force meeting
Kim Jong Un meets with his commanders of the Korean People's Army Strategic Rocket Force in March, after the US flew stealth bombers over the Korean peninsula. The Korean Central News Agency said Kim Jong Un "judged the time has come to settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists in view of the prevailing situation". The map behind the commanders shows North Korea's plan to attack the US.