Zookeepers have begun the annual animal count at London Zoo.

The zookeepers have to accurately audit more than 16,000 animals and catalogue every mammal, bird, fish, reptile, amphibian and invertebrate spread over the 36-acre site in Regents Park.

New to the count this year will be penguins, newborn Francois langurs and two endangered Asian lion cubs.

The count is compulsory every year for the zoo to retain its licence. The collated information is shared with other zoos to improve breeding programmes. London Zoo runs conservation programmes with 50 other zoos across the world.

London's zoo is the oldest in the world and is home to more than 110 endangered species from around the world.

Zoo-keeper Westlake poses with Meerkats during the stock take at London Zoo in London.Reuters
Zoo-keeper Lowry poses with a Bactrian Camel during the stock take at London Zoo.Reuters
Zoo-keeper Corbett poses with a Red-Kneed Tarantula during the headcount at London Zoo.Reuters
Zoo-keeper Clarke poses with a Jungle Nymph Stick Insect during the stock take at London.Reuters
Walls, Team Leader of Birds poses in the Penguin Beach area as he participates in the stock take at London Zoo in central London.Reuters