For a second day, tornadoes have flattened homes and businesses and flipped cars, trucks and trailers over as they barrelled through Alabama and Mississippi.

At least nine people were killed in the second wave of storms, bringing the overall death toll from two days of severe weather to at least 26.

villonia schhool
A newly-built school near Vilonia, Arkansas, is seen after it was destroyed by a tornadoReuters
Aerial view of houses that were obliterated by a tornado in Vilonia, ArkansasReuters
Residents go through the rubble of their home after it was destroyed by a tornado near Vilonia, ArkansasReuters
Rescue workers and volunteers search amid debris of homes destroyed by a tornado in Vilonia, ArkansasReuters
People sift through the rubble of what is left of their homes after a tornado hit the town of Vilonia, ArkansasReuters
Uprooted trees lie flat on the ground in Vilonia, ArkansasReuters
debris water
Rescue workers and volunteers search through debris in a lake after homes were destroyed by a tornado near ViloniaReuters
vilonia police
Police officers drive through a suburban area of Vilonia as they enforce a curfewReuters
A US flag sticks out the window of a damaged hot rod car in a suburban area near Vilonia, ArkansasReuters
Ken Sullivan, general manager of We Willies Super Auto Wash, looks over the damage after a tornado tore through Vilonia, ArkansasGetty
Victor Umbright of Vilonia Direct TV sits in what is left of his officeGetty
mayflower trailer
Cheryl Gubanski points out her trailer, which was flipped on its side and wrapped around a tree in Mayflower, ArkansasReuters
storm shelter
A storm shelter sign is seen among the debris of a house in MayflowerGetty
mayflower possessions
James Guiden looks through what is left of his house in MayflowerGetty
mayflower globe
A globe rests in the debris of a house in Mayflower, ArkansasGetty
tupelo funnel
A funnel cloud is pictured as the tornado makes its way across town in Tupelo, MississippiReuters
A resident makes his way down Jackson Street and away from a tornado-damaged area of Tupelo, MississippiReuters
Lighting strikes from a TVS (tornadic vortex signature) storm in Tuscaloosa, AlabamaReuters
Heavy rain pours like a waterfall over a house in Tuscaloosa, AlabamaReuters
Storm chasers try to stay ahead of a tornadic vortex signature storm in Reform, AlabamaReuters