London may be one of the world's major clubbing capitals, with wild parties going on throughout the night, but here's a party with a difference.

At Morning Glory, whooping crowds welcome the dawn by dancing to house anthems, but this is no pill-powered, alcohol-soaked after-party. Revellers are powered by nothing stronger than coffee and fruit smoothies.

The monthly event runs from 6.30 to 10.30 am and is aimed at people looking for an alternative way to keep fit in the morning.

Party-goers also enjoy yoga and massages, before changing into their work clothing and heading off to their day jobs.

See the Morning Glory website to find out when and where the next party will be held.

Revellers dance in their sleepwear at Morning Glory at Oval Space in HackneyReuters
morning glory woman
A woman dances at last September's Morning Glory party in ShoreditchGetty
A reveller enjoys a massage at Morning GloryReuters
Revellers dance at Morning Glory, at Oval Space in HackneyReuters
Revellers order coffee and fruit smoothies from the barReuters
dressing gown
A man dances in his pyjamas and dressing gownReuters
man in tie
A young man in business attire dances at the Morning Glory party at Village Underground in September last yearGetty
Costumed revellers stretch whilst welcoming others to the early morning partyReuters
night cap
A man wearing a dressing gown and nightcap dances at a Morning Glory event at Village Underground in ShoreditchGetty
morning glory 1
A reveller changes into his work clothing as a friend carries on dancingReuters
going to work
Revellers leave the party at Oval Space in Hackney and head off to their day jobsReuters