Vienna, Austria: the most liveable city in the world according to consulting firm Mercerstock.xchng

Last week IBTimes UK reported that Vienna is the world's most liveable city, according to the latest Worldwide Quality of Living Survey by consulting firm Mercer.

Take a look pictures of the next nine most liveable cities in the world - positioned in order of their Mercer ranking.

2. Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich, SwitzerlandREUTERS
3. Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland, New ZealandWikimedia Commons
4. Munich, Germany
Munich, GermanyReuters
5. Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, CanadaReuters
6. Dusseldorf
Dusseldorf, GermanyReuters
7. Frankfurt
Frankfurt, GermanyREUTERS
8. Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, SwitzerlandReuters
9. Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmarkstock.xchng
10. Sydney, Australia
Sydney, AustraliaReuters