iOS 9-9.0.2 jailbreak
Numerous jailbreak tweaks are available with support for iOS 9 jailbreak Pangu

To everyone's surprise, the Pangu team just announced an untethered utility to jailbreak Apple's latest iOS 9 iterations. The team is calling it the first ever untethered version rolled out to the jailbreak community. The tool is now available for download with support for Windows at its initial release.

As soon as the Pungu team released its utility, Jay Freeman who is commonly known as Saurik issued an update to the Cydia Substrate with version 0.9.6000 that bundles massive changes to be compatible with the iOS 9 jailbreak. Cydia Substrate is also known as Mobile Substrate, a platform that offers support to develop tweaks. With the Cydia substrate updated, expect more and more tweaks to be released.

Meanwhile, a Reddit user, TomLube has shared a list of compatible tweaks for your iOS 9-9.0.2 jailbroken device. The list includes fully working and partially working tweaks, where some of them need to be updated to support jailbreak. But expect the compatible versions soon as the developers are already at work. The following is a consolidated list of jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9 jailbreak.

Jailbreak tweaks Working status
20 Seconds Lockscreen Yes
Alkaline Yes
Anemone Yes
Apple File Conduit "2" Yes
ASUpdateHider Yes
BatteryLife Yes
Bloard Yes
BootLogoCustomiser Yes
CC Deseparator Yes
Cloaky Yes
Convos Yes
CyDelete8 Yes
DietBar Yes
Disk Pie Yes
Eclipse 2 Yes
HotDog Yes
iCleaner Yes
IdBox Yes
iFile Yes
InstaBetter Yes
LockGlyph Yes
LockSafety Yes
Minimal Hosts Blocker Yes
MinimalHUD Yes
NightMode8 Yes
NoLockBounce Yes
OpenSSH Yes
PDANet Yes
Phantom Yes
PowerApp Yes
Priority Hub Yes
SameStatus Yes
StatusVol X Yes
Sixbar Yes
SubtleLock - iOS 8 Yes
SwipeSelection Pro Yes
TinyBar Yes
UnBold Yes
vWallpaper2 Yes
WatchNotifications Yes
WhatsApp++ Yes
WiCarrier Yes
AndroidLock XT Unknown
AppList Unknown
Aria Unknown
Assistant+ Unknown
Auxo 3 Unknown
BetterLS Unknown
BetterNC7 Unknown
BetterWifi Unknown
Bigify Unknown
BounceNotify8 Unknown
Browser Changer Unknown
Callbar Unknown
CallConnect Unknown
CCControls Unknown
CCHide Unknown
CCLoader Unknown
CCMeters Unknown
CCNowPlaying Unknown
CCSliders Unknown
ClassicDock Unknown
ClassicSwitcher Unknown
ColorBadges Unknown
ColorBanners Unknown
ColorFlow2 Yes
Columba Unknown
Copic Unknown
Couria Unknown
Csources2 Unknown
CustomLS Unknown
Cydget Unknown
DailyPaper Unknown
DataMeter Unknown
Dim Unknown
Dimmer Unknown
DismissMyKeyboard Unknown
DockShift Unknown
DynamicText Unknown
EqualizeEverywhere Unknown
Faces Unknown
FlipControlCenter Unknown
FolderEnhancer7 Unknown
Forecast Unknown
GlowBadge Unknown
HiddenSettings8 Unknown
Hide Newsstand iOS 7.1.x Unknown
HideMe8 Unknown
Homescreen Designer Unknown
HUDSpeed Unknown
HueHueHue Unknown
iCaughtU Pro Unknown
Icon Renamer Unknown
IconOmatic Unknown
InfiniDock Unknown
IntelliScreenX 8 Unknown
iWidges Unknown
LastApp Unknown
LockKeyboard Unknown
MagicBadges Unknown
MCObey Unknown
MCSingleTapClear Unknown
Möbius Unknown
MultiIconMover Unknown
NCAllOnly Unknown
NoMotion No
NotificationPrivacy Unknown
OpenNotifier Unknown
PasswordPilot Unknown
Polus Unknown
PowerBanners Unknown
Protean Unknown
Pull To Dismiss Unknown
QuickActivator Unknown
RASBerry Unknown
Remove badges FS Unknown
Roundification Unknown
Scrobbled Unknown
Sectional Unknown
Seng Unknown
Shou Unknown
Shrink Unknown
Sicarius Unknown
Slices No
Slide2Kill Unknown
SlideForUsage Unknown
SmartWatch+ Unknown
SnoozeHelper Unknown
Spin Unknown
SpringPage Unknown
StatusBarTimer Unknown
StatusBright Unknown
StatusHUD 2 Unknown
StatusModifier Unknown
StatusVol 2 Yes
Sticky Unknown
StoreAlert Unknown
SwipeShiftCaret Unknown
SwishSwticher Unknown
SwitchSpring Unknown
TetherMe for iOS 8+ Unknown
TypeTab Unknown
UIColors Unknown
Uniformity Unknown
Upscale Unknown
Vertex Unknown
VibCall Unknown
Watchdog Pro Unknown
Watusi Unknown
WhatsPad Unknown
Xcon Unknown
Activator Partial
CCSettings Partial
Filza File Manager Partial
Moveable Partial
NudeKeys Partial
Simi Partial
SwipeExpander Partial
WinterBoard Partial
Zeppelin Partial
AltKeyboard2 No
Apex 2 No
AppButton No
AppSync No
Arise 2 No
Asphaleia 2 No
Automa No
Barrel No
Bars No
BatteryStatusBar No
BlueBoard No
Bolt No
BytaFont 2 No
Convergance No
Cylinder No
F.lux No
Flex No
FutureLock No
GridSwitcher No
Harbor No
InstaCode No
Interactive Message Notifications No
Kodi No
LockInfo8 No
Messages Customiser Pro No
MobileTerminal (iOS 7) No
Mobius No
NC Date Customizer No
NCObey No
NoLiveClock No
NoSlowAnimations No
PreferenceLoader No
Retroarch No
Sleeper No
Springtomize 3 No
Tage No
TypeStatus No
VideoPane No
VirtualHome No
SpaceText No
StealthCam No
LocationFaker8 Yes
AlienBlue++ Yes
RoundDock Yes
LegacySwitcher Yes

We will keep updating the list by adding more compatible tweaks to it. Until then, you can enjoy the ones that are listed above. To know more about the compatible tweaks, head over to the discussion forum at Reddit.