North Korea has released a photo of Kim Jong-un being mobbed by female soldiers, many of whom are pictured crying hysterically as they flock around the dictator like teenage girls sobbing over the latest boyband.

This is just the latest in a series of photos that purport to demonstrate how much the people of North Korea adore their leader.

kim jong un women
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is mobbed by crying, adoring women as he guides a rocket launching drillReuters
17 April 2014: The North Korean leader is surrounded by female delegates during a meeting of the Korean People's Army's airborne divisionReuters/KCNA
22 March 2014: Kim Jong-un smiles as women surround him at the Ryugyong Dental Hospital and Okryu Children's Hospital in PyongyangReuters/KCNA
7 March 2014: Female pilots gather excitedly around their leader as he supervises a flight drill of the KPA Air and Anti-Air Force Unit 2620Reuters/KCNA
28 December 2013: Kim Jong-un visits a military outpost at Mount OsungReuters/KCNA
17 November 2013: Workers cry and cheer as the North Korean leader tours Foodstuff Factory No 354 of the Korean People's ArmyReuters/KCNA
30 July 2013: Kim Jong-Un laughs during a photo session with war veterans during celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean WarReuters/KCNA
1 August 2013: Members of the women's national football team cry as Kim Jong-un walks with them after they won the East Asian Cup championship in SeoulReuters/KCNA
16 July 2013: The North Korean leader smiles as women flock around him at a mushroom farmReuters/KCNA
adoring fans
8 June 2013: Adoring fans mob Kim Jong-un as he pays a visit to the Pyongyang Essential Foodstuff FactoryReuters/KCNA
24 August 2012: Women surround Kim Jong-un as he visits the Thrice Three-Revolution Red Flag Kamnamu Company of the Korean People's ArmyReuters/KCNA