A major aftershock has rattled northern Chile a day after an 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit the area.

road crack
People walk along a large crack in a road in Iquique, a day after the powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake hitAFP

The 7.6-magnitude aftershock caused buildings to shake in the port of Iquique, one of the cities damaged by the earlier earthquake.

Chile's Emergency Office and Navy issued a tsunami alert and ordered a precautionary evacuation of low-lying areas along the country's entire Pacific coastline.

The tsunami precipitated by Tuesday night's quake caused the sea to rise eight feet in Iquique – enough to sink and damage many fishing boats.

A woman walks past a destroyed house in IquiqueAFP
A resident looks at debris around a home caused by Tuesday evening's earthquakeReuters
chile boats
Fishermen try to salvage their boats in the port of IquiqueReuters
boat wheel
A fisherman tries to salvage his boat in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the port of Iquique on Tuesday eveningReuters
Hotel guests evacuate quickly during a second 7.6 magnitude earthquake in IquiqueReuters
A resident from the town of Pozo al Monte, near Iquique, camps outdoors in fear of more quakes rocking the areaAFP
People stay in a tsunami safety zone on higher ground after the second earthquake hit the northern port of IquiqueReuters
rocks on car
Rescue workers inspect a car caught under a landslide after an earthquake hit IquiqueReuters
Firefighters battle a blaze started after the first earthquake and tsunami hit the northern port of IquiqueReuters
A cameraman films near cars caught under rubble after an earthquake and tsunami hit the northern port of IquiqueReuters
A trucks drives through water after large waves caused by the first earthquake hit IquiqueAFP