Thailand is currently celebrating New Year the way it does every year – with a big water fight. The three-day New Year period from 13 to 15 April coincides with the ancient Songkran festival, celebrated by throwing water on people.

During Songkran Thais roam the streets with water pistols or buckets, drenching random passersby to wish them well for the coming year. The celebrations in the northern city of Chiang Mai are particularly enthusiastic, going on for six days or more, making it a popular party for tourists.

A Thai child takes part in a water battle to celebrate Thai New Year on Khaosan road in BangkokReuters
A man throws water at three girls on a motorbike in Thailand's southern province of NarathiwatAFP
direct hit
A tourist takes a direct hit on Silom Road in BangkokReuters
fire hose
A woman blasts revellers with a firehose on Silom Road in BangkokReuters
kao san foam
Foam is sprayed over revellers on Khaosan road in BangkokReuters
Children splash elephants with water...Reuters
elephants 2
...and the elephants retaliateAFP
A tourist reacts as an elephant sprays her with water during Songkran festivities in Ayutthaya provinceReuters
Children prepare to drench tourists on Bangkok's Khaosan RoadReuters
chiang mai boy
A boy shoots a water pistol from the back of a truck in Chiang MaiGetty
chiang mai hat
Tourists and Thai residents take part in a water fight in Chiang MaiGetty
Revellers take part in a water fight during Songkran celebrations on Silom Road in BangkokReuters
bike bucket
A Thai man pours a bucket of water on a man riding a scooter in Chiang MaiGetty