Star Wars Battlefront maps
The five planetary settings currently in Star Wars BattlefrontEA

Several times while writing about EA DICE's Star Wars Battlefront game, we've wished there was a list available online listing every map currently in the hit online shooter. Turns out such a thing doesn't exist, so, after compiling our own list we decided to publish it ourselves.

Below are the maps, split between those that accommodate the larger scale game types, and those that accommodate the smaller ones. Those available only through purchasing expansions are listed separately and we'll update the list when future expansions and maps made available in free updates are released.

Maps that support larger Walker Assault, Supremacy and Turning Point (40 player modes) + Fighter Squadron (20 player mode)

  • Outpost Beta - (Hoth)
  • Jundland Wastes - (Tatooine)
  • Forest Moon of Endor - (Endor)
  • Sorosuub Centroplex - (Sullust)
  • Graveyard of Giants - (Jakku)
  • Twilight on Hoth - (Hoth)
  • Survivors of Endor - (Endor)

Maps that support smaller Droid Run, Heroes vs Villains, Cargo (12 player mode), Drop Zone (16 player mode), Blast (20 player mode), Hero Hunt (7 on 1 mode )

  • Jawa Refuge - (Tatooine)
  • Swamp Crash Site - (Endor)
  • Ice Caves - (Hoth)
  • Rebel Depot - (Tatooine)
  • Imperial Hangar - (Sullust)
  • Imperial Station - (Endor)
  • Sulfur Fields - (Sullust)
  • Dune Sea Exchange - (Tatooine)
  • Rebel Base - (Hoth)
  • Goazan Badlands - (Jakku)
  • Raider Camp - (Tatooine)

Outer Rim Expansion

  • Jabba's Palace - (Tatooine) - Smaller game modes
  • Palace Garage - (Tatooine) - Smaller game modes
  • Sorosuub Refinery - (Sullust) - Smaller game modes
  • Sorosuub Pipelines - (Sullust)- Smaller game modes

Bespin Expansion

  • Bioniip Laboratories - Larger game modes
  • Cloud City - Larger game modes
  • Carbonite Freezing Chambers - Larger game modes
  • Administrator's Palace - Larger game modes
  • Bespin Airspace - Fighter Squadron

Death Star Expansion

  • Imperial Blockade - Fighter Squadron, Battle Station
  • Defense Sector - Smaller game modes, Battle Station
  • Power Sector - Smaller game modes, Battle Station
  • Command Sector - Smaller game modes, Battle Station
  • Death Star Surface - Fighter Squadron, Battle Station

Star Wars: Rogue One - Scarif

  • TBA

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