Thousands of Ukrainians have laid candles and flowers in Kiev's Independence Square to mourn the protesters who died there.

The barricades have been covered with red carnations and glowing lights, turning the scene of Thursday's shocking violence into a shrine to the fallen.

ukraine memorial
People lay flowers and pay their respects at a memorial for anti-government protesters killed in clashes with police in Independence Square in Kiev, UkraineGetty
coffin night
People carry the coffin of a protester who was killed in Independence SquareReuters
funeral cry
People react as the body of an anti-government demonstrator is carried through the crowd in Independence SquareGetty
funeral portrait
The body of Ustim Holodnyuk, 19, is carried from Independence SquareGetty
man crying
A man cries after seeing the body of Ustim Holodnyuk, 19, who was killed in the fighting between anti-government protesters and policeGetty
girl flag
A young girl wrapped in a Ukrainian flag lays flowers at a makeshift memorialReuters
The helmet of an anti-government demonstrator killed in the violence is displayed in Independence SquareGetty
ring of stones
A makeshift memorial is seen at the spot where an anti-government protester was killed during Thursday's clashes with riot policeReuters
circle of light
People look at a tribute on the pavement in Independence SquareReuters
Pallbearers carry the coffin at the funeral of an anti-government protester killed in Independence SquareGetty
mourners line
Mourners stand along the path of a funeral procession for two anti-government protestersGetty
man cry
A man reacts as he attends a funeral service for two anti-government protestersReuters
People unfurl a large Ukrainian flag in Independence SquareGetty
Anti-government protesters light torches and mobile devices to honour their fallen comrades during a rally in Independence SquareReuters
A young woman holds a candle as Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko addresses the crowd in Independence SquareReuters
People look at tributes to demonstrators who were killed in Independence SquareGetty