Violence has erupted between police and masked anti-government protesters in Caracas, Venezuela.

Effigies of President Nicolas Maduro burned on the streets of the capital. Protesters threw petrol bombs at police, who responded with tear gas and water cannons.

More than 40 people – on both sides of the conflict – have been killed in violent protests since February.

fireworks launcher
An anti-government protester fires a home-made mortar towards police
fire works police
Fireworks explode around members of the national police
police fire
A member of the national police fires tear gas towards anti-government protesters
water cannon
Police operate a water cannon shooting jets of water towards a barricade
An anti-government protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask is surrounded by flames from Molotov cocktails thrown at a water cannon
suv woman
Protester Isabel Loaiza lies on the ground after being hit by an SUV during an anti-government protest in El Cafetal in Caracas
People stand near an SUV that hit anti-government protester Isabel Loaiza
suv drive
A policeman stands next to the injured driver of an SUV involved in a hit-and-run accident. The vehicle was stopped by protesters who beat the driver up. The driver was subsequently arrested by police
An anti-government protester, wearing a mask in the colours of the Venezuelan flag, stands at a barricade in Caracas
An anti-government protester, wearing a baseball glove, displays a "Resistance" tattoo
protest graffiti
An anti-government protester stands near graffiti during riots in Caracas
bank sign
Anti-government protesters jump on a Banco de Venezuela sign after pulling it down
arrest bike
Police detain an anti-government protester
maduro effigy
Anti-government protesters burn an effigy depicting Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro