Rescue workers have found 10 more bodies in the debris of the Washington state mudslide, bringing the probable death toll to 24. Authorities are keeping the official toll at 16 until the eight other bodies are recovered. One hundred and seventy-six people are unaccounted for, though some names are believed to be duplicates.

With search dogs leading the way, rescue efforts using mechanical diggers and bare hands have entered their fifth day.

mudslide dinghy
A search and rescue worker looks for survivors in the aftermath of a mudslide in Oso, Washington state
A damaged truck is seen in the debris on a property in Oso
mudslide car
A bouquet of flowers lies on a damaged farming vehicle in the aftermath of a mudslide in Oso, Washington State
summer raffo
A sign asking for help in the search for Summer Raffo is seen at a petrol station in Darrington. Her family hasn't heard from her since Saturday, when she was driving from Darrington to Ryan Falls
landslide neal
Brenda Neal, whose husband Steven is missing, is consoled by Carol Massingale after looking at aerial photos of the landslide. Steven Neal, a plumber, was on a call in the area where the landslide hit
search dog boat
A search and rescue worker and her dog look for survivors or bodies in the mud and rubble
gail thompson
Jennifer Johnson and her parents, Gail and Ron Thompson, attend a candlelight vigil in Arlington, Washington. Minutes before the mudslide, Thompson left her home, which was destroyed
dog safe
Elaine Young hugs her dog Bo, days after the mudslide narrowly missed her home
A mud-covered boat is seen in the debris
bible photo
Elaine Young holds a Bible and photographs that were found in the debris near her home in Oso
Trees lie on a hillside in the aftermath of the mudslide and related flooding
aerial trees
An aerial view of felled trees that were in the path of the mudslide
aerial floods
An aerial view of properties flooded by the blocked Stillaguamish river
search dogs
Search and rescue workers take dogs into the area hit by the mudslide
Search and rescue workers set up along a flooded portion of Highway 530 down the road from the massive landslide
Crews work to clear debris and mud from Washington State Route 530
A single boot is pictured in the debris from the mudslide